Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family

Actor Andrei Bilanov starred in more than 35serials and full-length pictures. Famous directors of Russia and Ukraine offer him cooperation. Do you want to know how our hero got into a big movie and where did his childhood go? How does A.Bilanov's personal life develop today? All this will be discussed in the article.


Actor Andrei Bilanov - native of the Ukrainianof the city of Nikopol. He was born on September 5, 1968. A few months later the family went to the Far North. Andrew's father was offered a highly paid job. For a long time to part with his wife and son the man could not, therefore took them with him.

The childhood of our hero was held in a harsh climate, characterized by long, snowy and cold winters. Once a year the family collected their suitcases and went on vacation to the south of Russia.Actor andrey bilanov

Bilanovs returned to Ukraine, when Andrei was11 years. Father and mother decided not to leave their native city anymore. The boy went to the local school. Andrew quickly got used to the team. Several times a week he attended judo and sambo sections. He managed to achieve considerable results in these sports.

Army, university studies and work in the theater

After graduation, many classmatesBilanova entered technical schools and universities. And our hero decided first to pay his debt to the Motherland. He went to the army. I must say that Andrei was lucky - he was sent to Moscow to serve in the Presidential Regiment. The guy literally fell in love with this city. During the service Bilanov was carried away by music and art. Then he finally realized that sport is not his vocation. He wanted to perform on stage, to receive applause from grateful spectators.

Returning to the citizen, Andrew told his parentsabout his desire to be an actor. Father and mother did not discourage him from this. One day Bilanov, the youngest, collected his things and went to Moscow. He was able to enter the school-studio of A. Dzhigarkhanyan.Andrey Bilanov

After receiving the diploma of graduating from high school, actor Andrei Bilanov immediately got a job. He was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow New Drama Theater. The young actor was involved in various performances.

Andrey Bilanov: Filmography

The film debut of our hero took place in 1999. Andrei Bilanov was offered the main role in the short film "Adam's Tear". The young man agreed and never regretted it. This picture served as a springboard for the further development of his career in film. andrey bilanov starring

In the period from 2000 to 2005, a lot of serials and films with Bilanov's participation were released. The guard, the customs officer, the actor and the pop star - all these images Andrei Bilanov had time to try on himself. The main roles of the actor (for the whole career) we listed below:

  1. "Cats and Mice" (2007) - Nikolay.
  2. "Afonya and bees" (2008) - Sulfur.
  3. "Such an ordinary life" (2010) - Dmitry Bozhanov.
  4. "Indian Summer" (2011) - Oleg Danilov.
  5. "Forest Lake" (pr-in Ukraine, 2011) - Nikolay.
  6. "False witness" (2011) - Kolomentsev.
  7. "My New Life" (pr-in Ukraine, 2011) - Kolya Rykov.
  8. "Reflection" (2011) - Major Eremin.
  9. "Sledaki" (2011) - Remizov.
  10. "Rage" (2011) - Razumovsky Mikhail.
  11. "Return ticket" (2012) - Kashin.
  12. "For Sale a Cat" (2012) - Vasya Kudryashov.
  13. "My white and fluffy" (2013) - Kolya.
  14. "In One Breath" (2014) - Razlogov Vladimir.
  15. "Surprise for the Beloved" (2014) - Alexey.

Personal life of Andrei Bilanov

Our hero is a tall and strong man with a natural charm and an attractive look. He never had problems with a lack of female attention.

The popular actor officially formalized three timesrelations. The first time Andrei Ivanovich got married when he was a third-year student. Unfortunately, the name, surname and occupation of his chosen one are unknown. In 1994, Katya's daughter was born to her spouses. Then the financial situation of the family left much to be desired. Therefore, Bilanov undertook any work to ensure a decent life for his wife and daughter. However, to save the marriage still failed.

For a while the artist was a bachelor. Soon after, the personal life of Andrei Bilanovit was adjusted. He met a young and beautiful girl, not related to the cinema. It was mutual sympathy, developed into great love. After 2 months from the date of acquaintance, the actor made a sweetheart proposal. The girl agreed. However, this marriage did not last long.Personal life of Andrei Bilanova

Currently our hero is married to an actressAngelica Bakoyeva. They met in 2007 on the set in the city of Ruza. Their relationship has developed rapidly. Actor Andrei Bilanov realized that it was this woman he was looking for all his life. The couple played a wedding. In 2008 they had a common son, Ilya. Now the couple are dreaming of a daughter.


Biography and personal life of Andrei Bilanov wereare considered by us. This actor considers himself to be a happy man. After all, he has a cozy house, a beloved family and work that brings a stable income and moral satisfaction.

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Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family Actor Andrei Bilanov: biography, creative activity and family