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To become famous, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Obviously, Bill Skarsgard did it. His very fate led to success. He was born in a family of actors, grew up and was raised in an environment of creative people. We can say that the young Swedish actor created his popularity with his own hands and became the favorite artist of many film fans. Needless to say, he is young enough, but many colleagues in the workshop can envy his fame.


Bill skarsgardone of the most talented Swedish actors, born August 9, 1990 in Wellingby, a suburb of Stockholm. The creative atmosphere has surrounded the boy since childhood. Father Stellan Youn Skarsgård is a Hollywood star, the legendary Swedish actor (pictured below with Bill), Mrs. Mu Gunther’s mother is a medic. In their marriage were born six children.

Bill and Father

It is worth noting an interesting fact: Bill Skarsgård has a surname, which nobody in Sweden has! Called his Skarsgard invented by his grandfather in the 40s. There was a search of identical surnames in the country, and the government of Sweden encouraged those who came up with new names for their families. Therefore, Bill - the carrier of the names in the third generation of the tribe.

Bill's older brothers - Sam, Gustav and Alexander, as well as their father, are engaged in acting craft. Sister Eyya worked as a model, but is currently the manager of a nightclub. Only Walter became a doctor, like their mother. Having lived together for many years, the parents separated. The father remarried, and two more sons were born in his new marriage.

Bill Skarsgard Family

Principles of education

In the family of Bill Skarsgard children were raised democratically, without restricting them in making their own decisions. The family loved to gather at the dinner table, discuss films and performances, in which the father and adult sons took part. At such gatherings, parents noticed that Bill did a great spoof of cartoon characters. The little screenwriter himself invented plots for the small stories he had invented himself, and then showed them in the family circle.

On favorable soil lay and joint travel with his father, who took Bill when he went to the shooting in other countries and cities. A boy from his early childhood became acquainted with the culture of various countries, somewhat different from the customs of Sweden. These trips expanded his horizons and helped to become open to everything new.

In addition, the boy from early childhood rotated in the world of the elite of the cinematic world, was present at the film sets, where his father liked to take.

Movie debut

Bill Skarsgard as an actor first appeared in a film strip at the age of ten. It was a small role in the thriller Järngänget (2000). This work did not bring him popularity. Obviously, this influenced his decision to pay more attention to the exact sciences in order to become a scientist. He moved away from acting. However, as you can see, Bill was supposed to be an actor. Fate in every way led him to this path, and if he retreated, returned him to this bed.

Arn: United Kingdom

In 2008, the guy was offered to take part with his father and brother in the action movie “Arn: United Kingdom” (2008), in the series “Life in Fagervik”, and in 2009 in the comedy film “Cosmolizer”. This was followed by another comedy "In space, there is no feeling." But in these films, Bill was involved in supporting roles.

Romantic Roles

In 2010, Skarsgard's acting work continues in the dramatic film “Over Blue Skies”. Two years later he takes part in episodes of the film based on the novel by Anna Leo Tolstoy “Anna Karenina”. The romantic role of Bill Skarsgard in the film “Victoria. Love Story ”(shot from the film in the photo below) expanded his filmography in 2013.

Victoria. Love story

Cinema is a vocation

The first real role, Bill received in the series "Hemlock Grove", where he played the main character Godfrey. A horror and fantasy film has long been on top of the rental rating.

In 2016, the actor starts shooting the dystopia “Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the Wall”. In 2017, there were films with the participation of Bill - this is the thriller “Blasting blonde” and the drama “Battle Creek”. In the same year, no less interesting was the work of Bill in the film “Ono”, where he plays the role of clown-killer Pennyvayz, the kidnapper of children. The film director for a long time did not want to claim Bill Skarsgard as a clown.

He was so well accustomed and played this role that the small partners in the workshop were actually afraid of the terrible Pennyvayz. Awful and dancing clown - a perfectly played role.

A terrible look and smile of Penny

Behind the scenes there was information that the director took the young Swedish actor for the role of a clown, noticing at the casting that the guy's eyes are squinting. This does not manifest itself constantly, but in moments of tension. And the smile Bill could reproduce even without make-up was terrifying. These two factors helped to film Bill Skarsgard: eyes and a smile. The director saved some good money on that. He did not have to use expensive computer technology when Pennyzayz was directing his eyes on the viewers from the screen. But the color of the eyes, which the clown has yellow, was obtained using contact lenses.

Bill in the film "It" and in life

Before shooting, Bill reread the book by Stephen King and identified for himself the most important points in the character of the character. He put a lot of effort into working on the awesome and bewitching voice of Pennyz.

Bill says about his acting game that he played a clown so that the viewer on the screen could see his hidden fears. He showed through the image of his character the absurdity and inexplicability of his actions. And this unpredictability is shocking to the viewers. What to expect from Penny And this viewers do not know. Bill does not separate the clown from this creature with his game.As he says, he sought to ensure that "It" manifested itself in Penny. The film was the highest grossing in the history of cinema, the collection was just incredible - 700 million dollars.

Plans and projects

Having made a name for himself in this film, Bill Skarsgard discovered his way to new roles in the future. Not every Scandinavian can gain a foothold in Hollywood, and even get some big roles in his youth. The mentality and manner of speaking of Bill allowed to do this. He is not complexed, can make and maintain a conversation with people who are higher than his status.

Bill skarsgard

Shooting of the acclaimed horror film by Stephen King “It”, the second part of it, continues. Screen adaptation is planned for September 2019. In the second part of Penny, as in the first film, Bill Skarsgard also plays. Children from the first part will also depict their own characters - in flashbacks of matured characters. According to the director's idea, these scenes should play an important role in the second part of the film.

Bill's personal life

The actor is open to communication concerning his creativity and hobbies. But the personal life of Bill Skarsgardtaboo for journalists and the public. He does not like to share what is happening in his fate.In the company he is a merry fellow with a fine sense of humor. Everyone knows that he plays the guitar perfectly. And about whether he has a novel or just rumors, Skarsgård does not like to spread. He lives by the principle: “when the time comes, you will see for yourself”.

Having a lot of friends, Bill does not suffer from loneliness. Therefore, seeing him with a girl, no one can definitely tell if this is just a girlfriend or the one with whom he is dating. He could be seen in the company of Clara Girell or with American actress Alexis Knapp, but whether there was a serious relationship is not known. It was rumored that the American had a daughter from him. But journalists learned that Alexis had given birth to a daughter in a novel with Ryan Philip, who was present at the birth of the child, and his name was entered on the birth certificate.

Bill with Alida Morberg

At the present time in the personal life of Bill Skarsgard appeared a relationship with Alida Morberg, pictured in the photo above. In the fall of 2016, Bill was noticed in the society of a mysterious girlfriend. In public, they appeared on the screening of the film "Divergent." During the filming of the picture she came to the site several times. It is known that Bill's girlfriend is five years older. She is an actress, lives in Sweden in the city of Stockholm.The Swedish public knows her from the films "The Mentally Sick" and "Sensitivity." Meeting with Alida, Bill does not post photos on social networks where he has accounts, and does not advertise their relationship.

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