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“Once Upon a Time in Rostov”, “Dragon Syndrome”, “Golden Head on the Scaffold”, “Meleuzga”, “Last Armored Train” - films and TV shows, thanks to which the audience remembers Dmitry Mulyar. Fame came to this man relatively late - after 35 years. Now he does not have to search for roles, as the directors find him themselves. What can you say about Dmitry?

Dmitry Mulyar: childhood

The future actor was born in the Bryansk region, it happened in August 1972. Dmitry Mulyar was born in a family that was in no way connected with the world of cinema and theater. However, the boy’s mother, a philologist by profession, loved to organize poetic readings. It is possible that participation in these creative evenings made Dmitry to fall in love with public speaking.

Dmitry Milyar

At school, Dmitry Mulyar was an excellent student, his favorite subjects were Russian language and literature. He also studied music, played the violin.For a while, Dima was thinking about a career as a musician, but already in high school he finally decided to link his fate with the theater stage.

The path to the dream

After graduation, the future actor went to Moscow, filed documents in several theater schools. Unfortunately, in each of them he was refused admission. Dmitry Mulyar was forced to return to the Bryansk region, to become a student of philology of the local teacher's college.

Dmitry Mlyar Movies

Failure did not make the young man give up his dream. In parallel with studies in high school, he was preparing to enter the theater. It is not surprising that already in 1990, Mulyar was able to achieve his goal, he was accepted into the Shchukin School. Dmitry's course was led by a teacher and actor Yuri Lyubimov.


Dmitry successfully graduated from the Shchukin School, after which the Taganka Theater opened its doors to the novice actor. Dmitry Mulyar, whose biography, personal life and creative activity are discussed in this article, debuted in the play “Teenager”. In this production, the young man embodied the image of Arkady Dolgoruky.

dmitry milyar movies

Soon, Mulyar became one of the leading artists of the Taganka Theater, one bright role following the other.He played beautifully in The Master and Margarita, The Brothers Karamazov, Eugene Onegin. A great success was the production of "Sharashka" with Dmitry. The plot of the play is borrowed from the work of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the events unfold in a mysterious prison, in which scientists deal with secret orders. In 2002, the television version was released.

First roles

“Hammer and Sickle” is a drama in which Dmitry Mulyar debuted. The actor's filmography began with this picture in 1994. For several years after that, he was offered mostly episodic roles. For example, in the detective story “Kamenskaya: The Killer Involuntarily”, Muliar reincarnated into a law enforcement officer.

dmitry molyar personal life

The year 2004 turned out to be a turning point for Dmitry, it was then that his first serious roles were played. In the drama "Melyuzga", the teacher living in the second half of the XIX century became the hero of the Mulare. The character teaches peasant children, leads a measured and sometimes dull life, dreams of love and adventure. He does not realize that he is in mortal danger.

Movies and TV shows

The actor considers his participation in the filming of the film “Golden Head on the Scaffold”, released in 2004, to be a great success. In this biographical drama, telling about the misadventures of the famous poet Yesenin, he had a key role.The drama received mixed reviews from critics, the main reproach being a large number of blunders.

Dmitry milyar biography personal life

“Golden head on the chopping block” is far from the only picture in which Dmitry Mulyar played a historical figure, the films of which are discussed in this article. For example, in the film “Cosmos as a Premonition,” the actor tried on the image of Yuri Gagarin.

Often, Dmitri has to play law enforcement officers. For example, in the television project “Gromovs. House of Hope "he got the role of the district Vasily Mayorov. In the Rules of Hijacking, he tried on the image of the investigator Lytkin, in the TV series The Second, brilliantly played the major of the NKVD. Mulyar copes well with the roles of criminals, as can be seen by looking at “Great Evil and Minor Mischiefs”, where he plays the main villain.

What else to see

The above lists are far from being all bright roles that Dmitry Mulyar managed to play by the age of 44, whose films and series are discussed in this article. In "Dragon Syndrome" the actor received a key role, his hero was the collector Avdeev. Dmitry likes to remember how difficult it was for him to play a man of the post-war period, a possessor of a contradictory character.

“Nanny”, “Kissing the Bridge”, “Icebreaker”, “The Other Side of the Moon 2” - new films and TV shows, in which you can see Moulyara.

Life offscreen

Fans of the actor are also interested in whether Dmitry Muliar is married. The personal life of the star settled many years ago. Dmitry's choice fell on a girl named Olga, who is engaged in interior design. Mulyar met his future spouse as a student. The young people were forced to play the wedding in the lobby of the Taganka Theater, since on that day Dmitry was supposed to play in “Eugene Onegin”.

The first years of life together became a real test for the spouses, it was difficult for Olga to accept the fact that her husband disappears all the time in the theater and on the set, because of this, conflicts constantly arise. However, gradually she got used to his busy schedule. The wife gave birth to Dmitry two sons, with whom Mulyar tries to spend every free minute.

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