Actor Kevin James: filmography

Comedian - the role in which Kevin James found himself. The star’s filmography contains about 30 film and television projects, most of which are comedies. Fame actor gave sitcom "King of Queens" in which he played Doug. Also very popular are the films "Chuck and Larry: Fire Wedding", "Removal Rules: The Hitch Method", "Classmates" with his participation. What else can you tell about the work of the famous comedian?

First roles

The path of the actor to fame began with the work on the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”. In this series, he was invited by his friend Ray Romano, who starred in it. "King of Queens" was the second television project, which played Kevin James. A beginner film filmography acquired a comedy about the adventures of a young married couple living in Queens. He perfectly coped with the role of the key character - a good-natured courier named Doug, in love with his beautiful spouse.

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Further, the series “Arliss”, “Cosby”, “Chinese Police” with the participation of Kevin were presented to the audience court. Then he played the cameo role of the worker in the film “50 First Kisses”.A full-fledged debut in the big cinema took place as early as 2005, when James starred in the film "The rules of removal: The Hitch Method." Then Will Smith became his colleague on the set.

Bright heroes

"Chuck and Larry: Fire Wedding" - a comedy in which played one of the main roles, Kevin James. Filmography actor acquired this tape in 2007. His hero in this picture was Larry, a firefighter from Philadelphia. Larry is a widower who seeks to ensure the future of his children. The social benefits for which he claims rely only on family people. Therefore, he invites his friend and colleague Chuck to portray a homosexual couple. However, not everyone agrees to believe in their "love."

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In 2009, the comedy “Copo-shop” was presented to the audience court, in which Kevin James also starred. His filmography was replenished with a picture in which he played the clumsy healthy fellow Paul Blunt. Character - a real magnet for all sorts of trouble.

It should be noted, and the participation of the actor in the film "Dilemma." He embodied the image of a businessman who is cheating on his wife. Nick learns about the infidelity of the second half from his best friend, where the fun begins.

Comedy "Fat Man in the Ring"

Not all films with the participation of the actor managed to earn positive reviews from critics. Negative reviews, for example, received the painting "Fat Man in the Ring." In this comedy, Kevin reincarnated as a biology teacher named Scott.

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Scott is a man who for many years has been wasting his life, postponing the most interesting events for later. To realize this, he is helped by a casual acquaintance, whose image was embodied by actress Salma Hayek. As a result, Scott begins to take part in fights without rules, and at first he even gets lucky.

What else to see?

"Classmates" - another famous comedy in which you can see James. It all starts with the fact that childhood friends gather in a lake house after 30 years of separation. Former classmates and their families come to this place in order to respect the memory of the school coach, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the championship in which they once won.

"Classmates 2" - the continuation of the story, in which also one of the main roles went to Kevin. This time, not only fathers, but also their children are in the spotlight of the audience.

“Kevin will wait” - an exciting series in which the actor starred in 2016. The retired policeman became a star character. The hero is busy preparing for a new life, preparing more time to devote to communication with his wife and children. However, a new task is interfering in his plans, which cannot be abandoned. Kevin is again ready to trade quiet family joys to catch dangerous criminals.

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