Alexey Lugovtsov and singer Maxim: family history

The personal life of modern pop stars cannot go unnoticed. Curious fans in a few days will expose a secret romance, find out the latest events and find out the cause of the relationship disorder. So it happened with the singer Maxim: she did not have time to file a formal application for divorce, as all the idols have already started a rumor about a scandal in a married couple. Alexey Lugovtsov became the first husband of the star and the father of her daughter. But, unfortunately, even the strongest relationships are not always tested for strength.

Pop singer conquered millions of hearts with her talent

In 2006, at the peak of popularity on the Russian stage was a singer under the pseudonym Maxim. That was the year when her solo album came out, which acquired the name “Difficult age”. It included the most romantic and touching works of the star. A few months after the release of the first album, the girl was given the title “Best Performer of the Year”; 20-year-old singer was able to conquer millions of hearts.Alexey Lugovtsov

Maxim's audience were mostly schoolchildren and schoolgirls.Without musical compositions “Do You Know?”, “Tenderness” and “Difficult Age”, not a single school disco or graduation party took place. A huge number of young fans could be seen at the concerts of a popular singer. A more mature age category also did not remain indifferent to the creativity of the star.

The origin of the nickname

In fact, a young and talented singer named Marina Abrosimova. The producers of the singer considered this name too simple and common for her. For a long time they thought about how to present a young beauty on stage, but they could not find a common solution. Marina herself offered to call herself Maxim, this name reminded her of the maiden name of her mother, Maximov.Alexey Lugovtsov husband Maxim

Accidents in the life of a star

Maxim calls his life a succession of happy accidents. She never planned anything, but she always did everything. At an early age, she never dreamed of becoming a romantic singer. On the contrary, the girl was distinguished by male character traits, a love of sport and a hooligan way of life. Marina came to music school absolutely by chance, but something suggested that she needed vocal skills.Maxim and Alexey Lugovtsov

A few years later, Maxim smiled good luck - the producers noticed her and brought her to the top of her fame. Also, by happy coincidence, the future husband Alexey Lugovtsov appeared in the singer's life.

The ideal couple relationship was the envy of everyone.

Alexey Lugovtsov was the most sincere fan of the singer Maxim. He attended all of her concerts in her native St. Petersburg, was in the clubs of the girl’s fans and knew by heart almost all of her compositions.

At the end of 2006, the young man became aware of the vacant position of the sound engineer in Maxim’s team, and he decided to try himself in passing the casting. For a long time, a fan was preparing for tests, it was important for him to show himself from the most worthy side. The decisive word was for the performer: the latent sympathy to her suggested that this man should be in her team.

After a few months of courting, Maxim and Alexey Lugovtsov became a couple. At first, their relationship was a secret for everyone, since lovers did not want to mix hard work with personal life. But soon this connection was exposed. All colleagues, fans and friends envied Maxim, because she got the most faithful, loving and romantic gentleman. The singer herself always talked about her chosen one with a quivering tremor in her voice.
Alexey Lugovtsov biography

Relationships of the couple were like a fairy tale.

In 2008, the star couple played the wedding. All the fans were surprised by this decision, because a little more than one year has passed since they met the young people. Soon there was a rumor that the singer was in an interesting position. The newlyweds themselves did not hide this fact.

In October 2008, a sacred rite was held, which united the young couple into one unit of society. Singer Maxim was incredibly happy that Alexey Lugovtsov became her husband. Photos of the newlyweds were not hidden from the public eye, the couple actively posed for annoying journalists throughout the entire celebration. March 8, 2009 in their family was born the daughter of Alexander.Alexey Lugovtsov photo

Discord in a relationship

With the advent of the long-awaited baby life, the life of a married couple has deteriorated markedly. From the relationship lost romance, tenderness and sincerity. According to the singer, Alexey Lugovtsov has noticeably changed for her. Maxim's husband became more distant and cold.

The first quarrels were due to the fact that the young mother was important her career, she went to work a few months after the birth of her daughter. The husband was forced to quit his job and raise his daughter.To all persuasions to have a nanny, the singer answered with a categorical refusal, since she did not want her outsider to bring up her child. A few years later, the couple divorced.

What happens to them now?

Alexey Lugovtsov, whose biography was famous only because of the pop singer, became a successful person. He opened his own business and finally felt like a full-fledged man.

Maxim continues to release for his fans new albums, still popular. In addition, she starred in commercials and has mastered a new profession for herself - the producer. In addition, the singer became the mother of another daughter, whom she called Maria.

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