Audi R8 - German sports perfection

It's been eight years since the Germanthe company Audi announced the release of luxury sports car Audi R8. It was in 2005 that the manufacturers of the most high-quality European machines informed the world about the appearance of a new model, the basis for the creation of which was the concept car Le Mans Quattro. This sports car debuted successfully in 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, presenting the world with the power and beauty of a four-wheeled "beast", before this successful "24-hour race Le Mans".

Audi Р8 has collected in itself all tremendouscharacteristics of this sports unit, combining them with the 70-year experience of engineers to create racing vehicles. Acquaintance with the powerful sports car begins with a rigid, but absolutely light aluminum body with a space frame. An interesting feature is the almost identical characteristics of the Audi P8 body with the Lamborghini Gallardo body.

audi p8

A novelty of German engineers came to the podium withtwo variants of "heart". The first engine is a V8 engine with a direct injection system, the second is a V10 version, characterized by a dry crankcase lubrication system. Any of the options was equipped with two modes of active shock absorbers. And, of course, for the joy of fans of tracks and races, this powerful charismatic device had a full drive.

High level of comfort, quite spaciousinterior, super-modern design - these are the distinctive features of the Audi R8. The characteristics of this sports device are surprisingly in harmony with the sporty coziness.

audi r8 characteristics

Now a lover of beautiful and powerfulThe steel "beast" has the opportunity to purchase it in one of two variants of the body: a coupe or a cabriolet. At the same time the iron "horse" is equipped with one of two motors to choose from. So, there is an opportunity to become the owner of the Audi R8 car with a "flaming" heart V8 volume of 4.2 liters, which comes alive from the powerful force of 430 "horses". The maximum torque that this engine has is 317 Nm.

The second "heart" is equipped with ten cylinders of 5.2 liters, powered by 525 horsepower, and a torque of 391 Nm.

The engine power is transmitted by the complete systemdrive on all wheels of the device, with a slightly larger charge concentrated on the rear pair. The motor of the unit harmoniously works with a standard six-speed manual gearbox or with its modification "R-Tronic".

audi p8 spider

A fan of this amazing apparatusit is possible to purchase an exclusive version of the Audi P8 - Audi P8 GT 5.2. However, for this it is necessary to try very hard: in addition to the fact that the cost of this car is higher than the standard version of P8 5.2 for 50,000 "green", so the output of this device is limited - only 90 copies, produced specifically for American spaces.

For an additional fee, the client receives moreLightweight unit with reduced sound insulation and tightened suspension. The engine of the improved model remains the same as in the previous version - V10 volume of 5.2 liters. However, the power of the motor is increased to 560 "horses". In this case, the client is provided with only one version of the checkpoint - a mechanical six-stage box "R Tronic".

This predatory apparatus leaves the conveyors of the German concern for 6 years already. In 2013, a new generation of this model was launched - the Audi R8 Spyder.

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