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In the heart of Europe is an amazinga country with many opportunities for recreation, treatment, sports and entertainment - Austria. The sights of this country are so diverse that it is simply impossible to tell about all at once. There is a huge number of all kinds of castles, palaces, churches, museums and simply amazingly beautiful places. But you can not inspect them in full for one trip. Therefore, we will focus on those that are recommended to visit in the first place.

When the doors of such a country open before you,like Austria, Vienna, whose attractions are admired by every tourist, should be on your list in the first place. What is there to see here? Immediately it should be noted that all the historic buildings are concentrated in the Old Town, which is the center of Vienna. Here there are such world famous buildings as the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the imperial palace complex Hofburg. No less famous is the house of Chaos. The building is built in the Art Nouveau style. Its main building material is glass and aluminum. You can not only inspect this structure, but it is also wonderful to relax in it. On the top floor there is a magnificent restaurant with a wonderful view of Vienna.

Austria, whose attractions includea huge number of religious buildings, offers its tourists to visit the Church of St. Elizabeth of the Teutonic Order, erected in the 15th century in Vienna. All its walls are decorated with Teutonic arms. Particular attention deserves a consolidated altar, consisting of several panels, decorated with artistic painting and fine carvings. One of the oldest buildings is the Church of St. Peter, founded in 792 by Charles the Great. No less interesting is the church of Franciscanercirche, which is decorated with magnificent sculptures of Italian and Austrian sculptors. It is recommended to visit and Dominikanarkirche. It was erected in the second half of the 13th century by Dominican monks. Its distinctive feature is its rich decoration, majestic statues and magnificent ceiling murals. And the main value is the body covered with gold.

But this is not all the buildings that are famous forAustria. The sights of this country include many castles and palaces, among them the Winter Palace of Prince Eugene, located in Vienna. No less impressive is the Schönbrunn Palace, which is an ensemble of architecture and nature, as the continuation of this structure is the most beautiful park. The building itself was built in the 17th century. The most elegant of its premises is the mirror room. Among the ornaments of this structure, one can not but mention a panel made of pink Chinese wood and decorated with Indian and Persian miniatures using gilding.

But this is not the whole of Austria. Its sights are not only architectural constructions. These include the magnificent places that nature itself created, for example, the underground lake Seegrotte. It is considered the largest in Europe and is located in the small town of Hinterbrühl. This magnificent natural monument brings to the delight of every tourist.

Austria is famous for its ski resorts,since 80 percent of its territory is occupied by mountains. Skiing Austria includes 800 resorts, including St. Anton. Its advantage is a single ski pass with all adjacent resorts. No less famous is the rich variety of Mayrhofen trails, which is considered cheerful and democratic.

Gorgeous Austrian resorts can beto enumerate endlessly. Tourists here are attracted by a variety of spa complexes, a variety of après-ski, the ability to ride in the summer and wonderful excursions.

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