Bicycle rating: top-10

Modern brands that offer to buysports equipment, very much. We decided to make a rating of bicycles, which somehow attract buyers' attention with different characteristics. We offer you top-10 models, about which most of all good reviews.

1 place: GT

bike rating

This is a landmark brand in the history of the worldcycling business. In the line you can find a variety of models - from simple to powerful, which allows you to satisfy the tastes of each buyer. Mountain, city, children's and women's - these are the main types of bicycles in the range of this brand. So, GT Agressor Comp 2015 is ideal for driving on mountainous terrain, forests and will like the fans of travel. The bike is based on a lightweight frame, which guarantees high speed. City fitness models also have an aluminum frame, equipped with disc hydraulic brakes.

2 place: Fort

In our rating of bicycles, we included models created by the Fort brand. The range includes variants of various modifications, which are designed for different operating conditions.

3 place: Merida

Bike rating

The products of this brand could not but fall intorating, as today the brand is one of the largest suppliers of quality bicycles around the world. This bike production pleases with impeccable quality, carefully designed frame construction and innovative technologies, which are being improved every year. The range of the brand includes both simple urban models and options for fans of extreme leisure. So, the Merida Warp TRI 7000-E 2016 road bike is ideal for high-speed skiing on level ground, and the Merida HARDY 6 model is for extreme skaters.

4 place: Rock Machine

In the rating of brands of bicycles this company simplycould not help but get. The Czech brand offers truly high-quality models that have been in demand for several decades. Legendary bicycles will be especially liked by those who prefer aggressive and high-speed driving style. These models have a slightly aggressive design, but are ideal for those who are for non-standard solutions even on the road.

5 place: Trek

mountain bike rating

A lot of good reviews about cycling products of the Trek brand,in which you can find any model - from urban and highway to novelty in the form of electric bicycles. In the assortment of the brand there are sports options for women. These bikes with excellent characteristics look very attractive. Thanks to a well-designed hinged system, you can drive on any track. Doubles are also remembered, which are huge in the collection of the brand. They have high-quality shock absorbers, which ensure smooth riding even on difficult roads. A wide range of products, coupled with excellent performance properties, allow us to include models of this brand in our bike rating.

6 place: Bulls

The products of this German brand appeared onmarket of Russia not so long ago. But thanks to the individual design and numerous color solutions, bicycles quickly became popular. All models are equipped with a lightweight frame based on alloys, so adults and children can easily cope with the management. In our rating of bicycles we have included this brand for its novelty and the highest quality.

7 place: Format

It is noteworthy, but in the Russian market you can findbicycles, created by our own manufacturers. True, they are not always heard. One of them is the Format brand, whose bicycle products are assembled in Perm. Despite the fact that it is not so well known in the homeland, the production is becoming popular due to its reliability, stylish appearance and ergonomics. In the rating of modern bike brands, we have included this brand for high quality and control of each stage of production.

8 place: Cube

top bike rating

Active participant of the world bicycle market -brand Cube. Especially popular are mountain bikes of this brand, which are always in demand by lovers of extreme rest. They are universal, convenient, equally well behave on any roads, developing huge speeds. So, Cube Aim Disc SL 27.5 2015 is a stylish bicycle that is equipped with semi-professional equipment. If they made a mountain bike rating, then the products of this brand would be represented in it necessarily.

9 place: Kellys

Products of the Slovak brand are in demand bothlovers, and professionals. The manufacturer focuses on high quality materials and components. It is noteworthy that the company buys the basic elements only from American and European manufacturers. The assortment of the brand includes a variety of models. In the rating of the best bicycles in the world, you can safely include female versions of bikes that any girl will like.

10 place: Scott

If you are looking for professional andhigh-tech bikes, then you will like the products of this brand. True, the cost of most models is very high, but you will get environmentally friendly materials, unique operational properties and emphasis on your status. The SCOTT Aspect 680 deserves special attention. It is an amateur bicycle that has a light aluminum frame made of a special alloy and then molded with batting technology. The manufacturer pays close attention to the introduction of modern technologies, which are especially interesting for customers. In any bicycle, the cheapest or the most expensive, the manufacturers want to show that all systems work in a coherent way, so the trips on it will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Children's bike rating

children's bicycle rating

Note that in the line of almost every brandhave a children's bicycle. We decided to base the rating of these models on the basis of the affordability of the price, since this category is the main feature. So, the cheapest, but therefore popular model for kids is the bike "Chizhik": its cost is only 1500-1700 rubles. This is the most budget option for children, which is suitable for a year and a half. In addition to affordable prices, this mini-bike features low weight, simple designs and the presence of rubber lining on the wheels. It is necessary to choose bicycles for children taking into account their age characteristics.

rating of tricycles

Now we will make a rating of three-wheeled bicycles, which cost about 4000-6000 rubles. Let's highlight the three most popular models:

  1. MARS MINI TRIKE LT-950. This walking bicycle has large wheels, a comfortable handle for parents, a visor, a folding footrest for the baby.
  2. KETTLER 8174-400 SUPERTRIKE. This bike is designed for children who learn to ride themselves, but under the supervision of adults. There is a height adjustment of the steering wheel and a capacious basket.
  3. INJUSA 325 TRICICIO BODY. A light and manoeuvrable bike has a stylish design, a handle for the mother and is easy to operate, which many customers like.

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