Bicycles "Jaguar": description, reviews, photos

Young children should be taught to sport withthe very childhood. What is it for? To strengthen the muscles, improve immunity and develop coordination of movements. Ideal helper for this will be the bicycle "Jaguar". Consider this transport in detail.

Main characteristics

Jaguar bicycles are manufactured in Taiwan. Currently, they have a huge popularity among buyers. This is due to several basic qualities:

 children's bicycle jaguar

  1. Manufacturers are particularly responsible for their work. Each product is made of high-quality metal. This makes sports equipment reliable and durable.
  2. The lifetime of such a bicycle is more than 10 years. This indicates that they can be alternately used by several children.
  3. All models of children's bicycles designedfor the age category from 3 to 5 years, have a comfortable pen. You can use it instead of a stroller. In addition, it will be easier for a child to learn how to operate this vehicle.
  4. A convenient basket, located at the bottom of the product, allows you to transport your favorite toys baby.
  5. Each bicycle has a visor that protects the child from exposure to sunlight.

Separately, we should talk about the design of the product. Most models have a beautiful bright color. The child will be delighted with such a gift.

Technical specifications

Children's bicycle "Jaguar" equipped with a systemdamping fork. Even if you have to drive on bumpy roads, the young passenger will feel comfortable. The wheel diameter on all models has an optimum value of 20 inches. Tires are made of high quality material, which provides a high degree of reliability.

tricycle jaguar

Virtually all models are equipped with a braking system. The device stops when the pedal is depressed. The footrests provide a greater degree of comfort.


All bicycles "Jaguar" are divided into three main categories:

bicycle jaguar reviews

  • The first transport for the youngest age,it is intended for users from 1.5 to 5 years. The child grows very fast in this period. A comfortable seat adjustment system allows you to adjust the height that is comfortable for moving. At first, this bicycle is used by parents, applying it instead of a stroller. A comfortable handle makes moving as comfortable as possible. Then it can be rebuilt into a tricycle "Jaguar", removing all unnecessary details. It can already be driven by a child, over 3 years old.

bicycle jaguar reviews

  • The second category is the models intendedfor the age group from 5 to 10 years. They have two main wheels and two additional wheels, which are fastened from behind. The bike is very stable, it is almost impossible to fall off while traveling on a flat road. The size of the wheels is 14 -16 inches. Once the child learns to drive confidently on this vehicle, you can detach additional wheels.
  • The third option is a teenage bicycle. It is equipped with a convenient system of adjusting the saddle and the handle. It can also be fully used by an adult, whose weight does not exceed 90 kilograms.

In addition to the age category, all models also differ among themselves in color, you can choose the most suitable option.

Positive reviews

It's been more than five years since the sale appearedthe first bicycle "Jaguar". Reviews about it divided into two main categories: positive and negative. Among the advantages consumers distinguish the following:

bicycle jaguar reviews

  • High degree of quality. Unlike other models, this product is not deformed after extended use. It is also less susceptible to breakage.
  • The control system for handle, saddle and pedals provides convenient use.
  • Models have a very attractive design,which madly like small users. The set also includes various stickers, animations and rhinestones. A child can decorate his personal vehicle on his own.
  • During the trip he does not rattle.
  • The sun visor creates a good shadow.

Negative feedback

bicycle jaguar reviews

All products to the same extent can not appeal to all customers, bicycles are also met with several negative reviews:

  • Virtually all the designs have a lot of weight, because they are made of high-quality metal, a fragile mother may have problems with its transportation.
  • There are problems with the pedals, which are easily deformed by pressing the baby's feet.
  • There is a weak attachment of the handle, which makes it difficult to control.

Despite the small flaws, to dateday bikes "Jaguar" are very popular among consumers. They are the most optimal for young children, school children and teenagers. Approximate cost of one product can be from 2500 to 15000 rubles, this figure can vary depending on the region.

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