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Our company cooperates with a company located in Spain. It is necessary to travel often on business trips and rent housing, it is very inconvenient. The company wants to buy a house in Valencia. Where better to go to Kiev?
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Answered 19 June 16:51
Now we have a lot of companies in the city that can offer you housing abroad. The main thing is not to stumble on black realtors. You must leisurely read all the conditions.
Answered 19 June 17:00
Been there more than once, I often go abroad for work and stay in hotels. And it would also be nice to stay in the same place. I would like to buy housing there and come not only for work.
Answered on June 19, 17:22
I am looking for a company in Kiev that sells real estate abroad. I saved money and I am going to buy housing there myself in order to move closer to my beloved girlfriend. Bookmarked the agency through which you can buy apartments in Valencia
Olga Kolositsina
Olga Kolositsina
Answered 20 June 18:03
I believe that in your case the purchase of an apartment is ideal. Do not forget that it can bring profit - as long as you are not there, you can rent it out. Well, it is also a good investment, because an apartment in Spain has high liquidity.

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