Cadastral passport for the house: how to get it? Cadastral Chamber

A cadastral passport is a certificate provided by the state cadastral service, in which all information about the object is indicated:

  • Location address;
  • name;
  • purpose;
  • materials used for construction;
  • location of the object on the site;
  • number of storeys;
  • house number and so on.

cadastral passport for a house

As in 2017, a cadastral passport looks likehouse? A sample can be seen in the article below. The first part of the document is called explication, it contains all the data of the object, the second part includes the graphic project of the object and the third part is an extract from the technical passport (it indicates the day of registration).

How to get a document

Do not know the cadastral passport for the house asget? According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, any person having such a right can receive the document. When transferring an application, a citizen is required to carry a document confirming his identity, as well as a cadastral object number. To clarify the information on the object during registration, employees offer the applicant to provide his contact number. A cadastral passport for a house and a technical plan is issued after five days, in order to receive documents, it is required to apply to the issuing office. Since early 2013, all operations on this issue have been transferred from the Bureau of Technical Histories (BTI) to the authorized body of Rosreestr.

to receive a cadastral passport for a house

Required package of documents

Are you going to issue a cadastral passport for a house and, how do you get it, you do not know? In order to complete the document, you will need to provide the following documentation package:

  • application form;
  • detailed plan of survey;
  • power of attorney, if you receive a passport will be an authorized person;
  • certificate of ownership of the object to be registered;
  • a photocopy of the applicant's passport;
  • receipt of state duty payment.

To obtain a certificate in Rosreestrthe applicant must pay a state fee of 200 rubles, indicating the region where the facility is located. When registering a cadastral passport in electronic form, the amount of state duty will be 150 rubles. When working with intermediaries, specialized organizations for collecting documentation and issuing a passport, payment is made in accordance with the contract, the cost varies from 1,500 to 10,000 rubles.

Procedure for obtaining a cadastral passport

Do not know the cadastral passport for the house how to get it? In order to complete the document, you need to perform some actions:

  • Determine the manner of filing an application;
  • collect the necessary documents;
  • to transfer the ready set of documents to the authorized bodies.

Ways of submitting an application

Apply for a cadastre passport can be different images.

Do not know the cadastral passport for the house asget? This can be done at the office of Rosreestr. On reception it is better to register in advance, not to stand in long queues. This is done in Rosreestr's system by choosing the right date and time, and the portal will also contain information about the documents that must be submitted simultaneously with the application.

cadastral passport for home sample

Get a cadastral passport for a house is also possible in the multifunctional center (MFC). MFC offices are authorized to issue certificates at the request of a citizen.

Electronic. The most convenient way for many citizens is to submit documents to the cadastral registration authority online.

You can also apply for the service through the Internet service, by sending it through the official portal of Rosreestr or through the website of government services.


Absolutely all documents must be supported by an electronic signature, even a technical scheme.

The digital signature (EDS) must becertified and compatible with the digital signature used in the cadastral registration department that you select. Data on what requirements are imposed on technical parameters, confirmation of the identity of the digital signature and the certificate of the signature key are posted on the website of Rosreestr.

The application, technical documentation, as well as other certificates must be executed in Excel, which guarantees the reading and verification of the information provided.

cadastral passport for a house how to get a cadastral chamber

When submitting an application via the Internetperiodically the system will send a message about successfully filled information. If errors or violation of requirements are found, you will also be notified. After sending the documentation, the system will inform you that the application was accepted and sent for review.

other methods

The next way is to obtain a cadastral passport forhome - post office. When submitting an application, it is allowed to send a package of documents with a technical or landmark project on an electronic medium. All evidence must be notarized. The technical estimate must include an enhanced qualified electronic signature of the engineer, therefore in this case an electronic medium is used. A list of attachments and a notice of delivery in the cadastral chamber should be attached at the location of the facility.

Need to issue a cadastral passport for the house? How to get? The cadastral chamber through the Rosreestr provides a field escort service. You can submit your application in various ways:

  • message by e-mail;
  • letter to the post office;
  • in the department of Rosreestr;
  • by contact number;
  • in the office of acceptance-issuance of documents.

Whichever way you applyhave used, track the status of its consideration through a special service on the website of Rosreestr. Immediately after registration of the application you will receive a receipt from the employee of the service, which will indicate the information about the terms of consideration and the number. After completing the process of studying, carrying out all the necessary measurements and assessments, you will receive a cadastral passport. The number of copies can be from 2 to 5.

Do you want to know what the cadastral passport looks like at home? A sample can be seen below in the picture.

cadastral passport of the property

Possible grounds for refusal

In some situations in the design of cadastralpassports can refuse, in this case you will receive an official notification with an indication of the reason for the refusal. Regardless of how the documents were submitted, you will be informed of the results in any case. If a refusal is received, it is necessary to use the services of a specialized organization that will assist in obtaining an appropriate extract. So, what are the grounds for refusal?

  • Crossing one of the limits of a section bordering on the neighboring.
  • Failure to provide information about the location of the points of the main lines of the plot on which the house was built.
  • The technical project includes incomplete information about the house.

cadastral passport for a house and a technical plan

To issue the cadastral passport of the objectreal estate on their own or to resort to the services of an organization specializing in this matter - it's up to you. In the second case, you will need to issue a power of attorney to receive the document on your behalf.

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