Cheap hotels of Irkutsk: rating, description, rooms and reviews

Irkutsk is a fairly large populationpoint of the Russian Federation and occupies the 6th largest place in Siberia. Here live more than 620 thousand people, and also dozens of tourists come every day, who plan to stay in an excellent hotel with the maximum level of comfort and spend a not very large sum. Hotels that have low prices for renting rooms, there are many, but finding a hotel with an acceptable price policy and excellent level of service is extremely difficult, but you can not be upset!

In this article, we will discuss in detail theinteresting and at the same time inexpensive hotels in Irkutsk, to which you should pay attention to those who want to have a great rest in this city and not spend a lot. Also we will talk about the reviews that hotels receive, we will slightly affect their numbered funds, we will learn the exact addresses and other useful information. Rating of institutions, see also in this material. Let's start right now!

1. "Green"

You are looking for modern but inexpensive hotelsIrkutsk? Then this hotel will be for you one of the best options. This institution is located in a good location, due to which has a large number of customers.

Irkutsk Cheap Hotels

Throughout the project areafree wireless internet, and for special guests the hotel offers a safe, if necessary. Almost every room of the tourist facility has everything you need, including a refrigerator, ironing facilities, a plasma TV with satellite TV and even a place to work.


For starters, it should be noted that very close tothe hotel has a variety of restaurants and cafes, where anyone can eat well and spend an acceptable amount. By the way, on the territory of the hotel "Green" there is a guarded parking zone, however you can leave your car there only at an additional cost.

Hotels in Irkutsk: cheap

The hotel is only 7 kilometers from the localrailway station and 5 km from the international airport of the city. Unfortunately, not all inexpensive Irkutsk hotels can offer their customers such a high level of service and such low prices as here. Let's discuss this in more detail!

Number of rooms and reviews

At this stage of development, the hotel complex"Green", located in the 32nd house along Lytkin Street, has 23 rooms. So, you can stay in a double room with one or two separate beds for only 2 thousand 699 rubles.

At the same time accommodation in a family room (3person) will cost 3 thousand 499 rubles, but to rent a classic suite you will get for 4 thousand 499 rubles. In addition, if you want to save money and at the same time relax in excellent conditions, you can rent a single bed in a common room for 1399 rubles per day.

Cheap Hotels in Irkutsk

In general, prices are not very high, therefore, when discussingcheap hotels in Irkutsk, this hotel can not be affected. By the way, pay attention to the fact that the price does not include breakfast: it can be ordered additionally for only 200 rubles per day.

Reviews of this tourist attractionindicate a good level of service. All rooms are clean and modern, and the administration and other staff are always ready to help. The average rating of the project varies from 8 points out of 10.

2. "Cote d'Azur"

Are you looking for the most affordable hotels in Irkutsk? It is inexpensive to rent a room in this tourist complex, on the territory of which, by the way, there is a fitness center for those who can not live a day without sports. It is also worth noting that high-speed wireless Internet is available in all corners of the hotel. This establishment is located just 5 minutes walk from the bus stop, from where anyone can reach the city railway station in minutes.

Hotels in Irkutsk in the center of the city

Each room of the hotel is designed in classical style,and the interior is dominated by exceptionally warm colors. In addition, it is also worth noting that in all rooms that you can rent, carpeted and there is a mini bar, plasma TV and cable TV. By the way, in the bathrooms of the hotel, slippers, a bathrobe and completely free cosmetic accessories are individually left for each guest.


On the territory of this tourist project isan excellent restaurant where you can taste delicious dishes of Russian and European orientations. By the way, many hotels in Irkutsk inexpensive offer to rent rooms, but they do not provide the proper level of service and do not have any additional infrastructure in their composition, and these are huge drawbacks!

Number of rooms and reviews

In this case, the hotel offers its visitors to stay in the following rooms:

  • Budget double with two separate beds for 1800 rubles;
  • Standard double with two separate beds for 2000 rubles;
  • standard double with one double bed for 2400 rubles;
  • Superior double room with two separate beds and a sauna for 2 thousand 700 rubles;
  • standard double room with one bed and the right to visit the sauna for 2700 rubles;
  • studio for 3 thousand 300 rubles;
  • luxury for 4 thousand 200 rubles;
  • Standard single for 2 thousand 500 rubles.

In general, prices are quite acceptable, thereforebe sure to visit this hotel. By the way, such inexpensive hotels in Irkutsk can not offer their guests to visit the sauna, but here you have this opportunity.

Mini-hotels in Irkutsk cheap

Customers of the hotel leave positive feedback,indicating a perfect service, a modern interior, an acceptable price policy and other advantages. The average rating of this hotel in Irkutsk in the center (it's cheap to rent a room here) is 8.4 points. By the way, there is an institution on Baikal Street (house 252-b).

In the meantime, we continue to discuss inexpensive hotels in Irkutsk, whose prices will pleasantly surprise you!

3. "Masha"

This tourist building enjoys greatdemand and has an average rating, which is 9 points out of 10, and this is really an excellent indicator! If you are looking for mini-hotels in Irkutsk, you can rent an inexpensive room at Masha, which consists of only 9 excellent rooms with all amenities.

Cheap hotels in Irkutsk: prices

The cost of rent varies from 350 rubles pera common eight-bed room up to 1,250 rubles in a budget double room with one bed. The hotel reception is open 24 hours a day, and Wi-Fi is available throughout.

By the way, is this institution on the boulevardPostysheva (35th house) and the reviews are positive. Customers of the mini-hotel are satisfied with the service and very low prices. In general, "Masha" is a good hostel for those who want to relax with all the amenities and spend a minimum of money.

So we discussed the best hotels in Irkutsk.

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Cheap hotels of Irkutsk: rating, description, rooms and reviews Cheap hotels of Irkutsk: rating, description, rooms and reviews Cheap hotels of Irkutsk: rating, description, rooms and reviews Cheap hotels of Irkutsk: rating, description, rooms and reviews Cheap hotels of Irkutsk: rating, description, rooms and reviews