My brother is a writer, he writes works of art. His books began to be published in Russia, but his dream was to produce works abroad. Tell me, how can I protect the copyright, what documents?
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Answered on January 11, 12:35
To begin with, your brother needs to declare himself as the creator of a work in his home country — register copyrights. Then the authorship will be recognized for him.
Answered on January 11, 12:39
I am a programmer and my job is to create sites for my employers. In my free time I am creating a computer program that I want to finish soon. I plan to register copyrights both in Russia and abroad. Here's a link to you, read about registering with the Library of Congress here. I hope this information will help you.
Answered on January 11, 12:42
It seems to me that before you start publishing your works abroad, you need to be quite a popular writer in your home country, so that your circulations just fly away.
Answered on April 1 04:22
Contact the company where they register the copyright. There and find out what documents are needed for this.

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