Darsonval for the face: reviews, photos

Despite the emergence of various modern techniques in cosmetology, procedures using the Darsonval apparatus have remained for many years at the peak of popularity. This is not at all surprising, since the method itself is absolutely painless, and its effect is simply overwhelming.

The term "Darsonval" is the name of the apparatus of small size, with which you can solve various external problems and defects associated with the appearance, including wrinkles, baldness, unhealthy complexion, etc.

darsonval face reviews

Toki darsonval

How darsonval helps for the face, body and hair? Reviews about him can be found in the majority of positive. First, it should be noted that this is the name of the device, which for decades has been used with great success in medicine, in dermatology in particular, and also in cosmetology.

The procedure carried out with the help of this apparatus is called darsonvalization. She began to be actively used since 1982. He began to use it by Jacques-Arcen D’Arsonval, a French physiologist and physicist - a technique in his honor got its name, which is used today.At the present moment, it has already been largely modernized and improved in comparison with the end of the 20th century. D'Arsonval contributed to the development of biophysics with his invention.

This therapy makes it possible to effectively eliminate various cosmetic problems that affect the scalp and hair, to suspend the aging of the body. Also effective darsonval for the face of acne (reviews about this can be found in the article below). Numerous studies conducted by scientists, only confirm the benefits of such manipulations.

The patient under darsonvalization is affected by an alternating sinusoidal, pulsed current:

  • high voltage;
  • high frequency;
  • small force.

The impulses are bell-shaped. Their duration is 100 ms. They follow a frequency of 50 Hz. In this case, darsonval currents have only therapeutic use.

darsonval anti wrinkle reviews

Current assignment

Darsonval for the face, reviews of which are given in this article, can have 2 types of effects on the human body:

  • annoying;
  • burning through

The choice of impact in this case depends on the method of passing the procedure.

Contraindications and indications

Darsonval has the following indications:

  • wrinkle formation;
  • the presence of fading, flabby, atonic skin in the neck, décolleté and on the face;
  • the appearance of scars (this also includes postoperative scars);
  • vascular pathologies;
  • warts;
  • seborrhea of ​​the head and face;
  • sweating of face, palms, feet;
  • enlarged pores;
  • the presence of stretch marks (stretch marks);
  • brittle eyelashes and hair;
  • loss of eyelashes and hair;
  • cellulite

But not everyone is suitable darsonval face (reviews from the photo can be found in this article). The procedure should not take people who:

  • have impaired blood clotting;
  • suffer from individual intolerance of current;
  • suffer from skin diseases;
  • have tumors;
  • have cancer;
  • have thyroid disease;
  • suffer from dilated vessels;
  • suffer from epilepsy;
  • suffer from rosacea;
  • have hypertrichosis;
  • pregnant women.

At the consultation, a dermatologist or cosmetologist will determine whether the patient can be given a session using darsonval or whether it is better for him to refuse this procedure.

darsonval face reviews with photos

Darsonval for face: reviews, application

Reviews about the use of darsonval say that it has found its use in many cases. Using the device:

  • remove toxins and slags;
  • stimulate lymph flow and blood circulation;
  • increase the tone of the veins;
  • activate cell regeneration;
  • eliminate vascular spasms;
  • accelerate metabolic biochemical processes;
  • guarantee bacteriostatic and bactericidal action;
  • intensify the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients;
  • reduce the level of sensitivity to various external irritations.

Types of apparatus

These devices are of two main types:

  • for home use - used independently in the home according to the instructions;
  • salon - used in beauty salons and specialized centers by professional cosmetologists.

Principle of operation

With the help of the action of the active current can effectively cure various diseases. They are mainly associated with the scalp. In addition, it is possible to carry out various preventive measures for total alopecia or focal baldness. Thus, the epidermis is perfectly strengthened, in addition, prevention of excessive hair loss occurs. Darsonval for face and hair (reviews about it recently are increasingly interested in women who monitor their appearance) also tightens the skin of the face, allows you to increase hair growth and eliminate their fragility, completely get rid of dandruff.

At the same time, the darsonval currents perfectly stimulate the integuments of the scalp of the skin, thanks to which a double effect is achieved at the same time - this is the effect on the nerve endings and the blood circulation is accelerated. At the same time, the tissues themselves are perfectly saturated with oxygen, the skin is enriched with useful elements, the regeneration processes are activated.

darsonval face and hair reviews

What to consider before purchasing darsonval

Most people make purchases, while not particularly thinking about whether the tool that justifies the hopes of our acquaintance is suitable for us. We should not forget that the skin type, the general state of the body, the composition of sebum, physiological features, the work of the sebaceous glands, the development of follicles are purely individual features. If your familiar face has wrinkled from wrinkles, you may also activate the work of hair follicles, after which the face will be covered with a light down.

In addition, the facial device darsonval, the reviews about which are still mostly positive, does not affect any degrees and types of acne. Its main action is aimed at increasing metabolism, regenerating skin cells, thus it is more intensively and quickly restored.Due to this darsonval begins to smooth small wrinkles, and also improves the overall condition of the skin.

Reading about the procedure darsonval for face reviews, you can learn that he can only dry acne, as well as accelerate the time of their maturation. But this also has its advantages, because in this case you can clean the face, and further use of the device will help the skin recover faster and prevent scars and stains from appearing after acne.


How to apply darsonval for the face of wrinkles? Reviews of this procedure suggest that the beautician first makes sure that the client is ready to conduct this session. To do this, clean the skin from impurities. So, be sure to remove from the face all the makeup and makeup. Hair should be dry and clean. They must be carefully combed. In this case, all metal hairpins and other types of jewelry should be removed. This applies to preparatory procedures.

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Darsonval procedure

The device has the following principle of operation: as soon as the skin is cleansed, darsonvalization itself begins. This procedure should be carried out by a specialist.Using the nozzle, it performs special actions with an electrode. Nozzle to human skin may not touch or touch. There will be a non-contact or contact effect, which depends on the type of technology used to treat a particular disease.

Darsonval for the face of wrinkles (reviews of the procedure say that it is very effective) does not give the person any discomfort. During the session, he may feel warmth and a slight tingling in the main area of ​​impact.

Duration and frequency of the procedure

Today it is very popular to use darsonval for the face. Reviews of the procedure suggest that such physiotherapy can last 5-10 minutes. Over time, the duration of the sessions can even increase. They are allowed to spend every day. Between the procedures can be spaced for one day. However, there are no clear recommendations or restrictions on the duration of the course. The number of required procedures depends on the task. Usually about 10 sessions are held.

The main indicator of the achievement of the desired result is the condition of the dermis in the decollete area, neck, and also on the face - in these places it should improve significantly.

There are no hard limits on the number of courses per year.Session cycles can be repeated, if necessary, three times a year.

Tips for darsonvalization

We continue to find out how darsonval is still useful for the face. Reviews about him say that it can increase the effectiveness of various drugs, contributing to their penetration into the deep layers of the dermis. To do this, before darsonvalization, you must clean the skin and apply the medicine. After the medication is absorbed, its remnants are removed with a napkin, since the skin must be dry during the procedure.

darsonval face acne reviews

During darsonvalization, it is impossible to use drugs in which instructions indicate their incompatibility with the sun's rays ("Zenerit", "Dalatsin T", "Baziron", "Differin", etc.), in addition, cosmetic products that have acid. It would be prudent to use them several hours later.

This procedure on the face is carried out strictly along the massage lines: circular light movements to the ears from the middle of the face.

The contact method of the procedure is suitable only when you are absolutely sure that the rash is non-infectious, otherwise contactless use of the device is used.

Darsonval is good for acne, but only if during all procedures the current frequency is changed (the first procedure is stronger current supply, the second is weaker current).

Darsonval effect

The device gives good results, including the following:

  • skin rejuvenation, due to which it acquires an even, matte shade;
  • elimination of inflammatory processes and puffiness;
  • increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • smoothing of small wrinkles;
  • elimination of vascular pathologies (vascular "stars" including);
  • visible "pulling up" of the oval face.

Care after the procedure

After the session is completed, a thick layer of nourishing cream must be applied to the skin. If the main area of ​​influence was the face, then it is good to make an intensive nourishing mask.

The procedure with the use of darsonval is simple, easy to perform and effective. The skin under the influence of current acquires a healthy appearance, perfectly rejuvenates, becomes beautiful and noticeably refreshed. All wrinkles that add to a woman for years are smoothed, postoperative scars and scars are reduced in size.Also the best is the metabolism, blood circulation, skin regeneration.

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Darsonval face massager: reviews

Reading reviews about this procedure, it becomes clear that she copes with various skin problems - removes acne, wrinkles. Some say that they have got rid of spider veins and scars with the help of darsonval.

Many also note that with the help of it they managed to stop hair loss, their quality has improved markedly.

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