Decoupage of bottles: its features

Decoupage is a kind ofApplication, fixed on the surface with the help of glue - special decoupage or conventional PVA. Pictures for him can be selected independently - for example, cut out of magazines or printed on a color printer. However, it is much more convenient to use decoupage napkins or more dense decoupage cards, which are sold in specialized stores. For work, you will also need small scissors, brushes made of artificial bristles for glue and natural - for painting details, acrylic lacquer, decorative elements (ribbons, beads, etc.).

Those who are interested in this technique, the mastersDecoupage is advised to start with wooden surfaces. However, if you want, you can try your hand at once on the glass - for starters it can be done on empty bottles that are of no value. Doing decoupage of bottles with your own hands, you can create bright and truly original items that will decorate any interior.

Before you start, the surface of the bottlescarefully washed and cleaned from dried labels. After this, it must necessarily be degreased with alcohol or acetone - otherwise decoupage bottles may be unsuccessful. Next, the surface is primed with several layers of acrylic paint selected for the background. It is applied with a wide soft brush, and is shaded with a small piece of foam rubber. After the ink has dried completely, the prepared images are gently stuck on it: they should be glued from the center to the edges. Accidentally obtained folds should be immediately carefully smoothened.

The surface of dried out images is smeared with gluePVA, half diluted water, using a flat brush. The finished bottle is covered in several layers with acrylic lacquer. Her neck can be decorated with a ribbon of cloth or paper in the tone of the images. This option is the simplest: such a decoupage of bottles for beginners is available even for children. They can be entrusted with cutting and pasting images; Part of the same work related to painting the bottle and applying varnish on it, it is better for adults to take over.

If you want the image to have a volume,you need two identical pictures. Stick one of them onto the bottle. After that, apply a transparent silicone sealant to those details of the image that you would like to see embossed. Next, you need to cut out identical parts from the second image and glue them on top of the sealant - so you give them a volume. Three-dimensional images are consolidated with several layers of lacquer.

Decoupage of bottles as well as other items fromtransparent glass, allows you to use not only the usual, but also the reverse technique, in which the picture is glued to the surface of the face. Its use on bottles makes the image embossed and expressive, with the impression that it is inside. In order to make decoupage bottles in reverse engineering, they should be made of light glass. The rest of the surface of the bottle can be made in the technique of direct decoupage or covered with paint, leaving a beautifully designed "window" in order to see through it an image on the opposite wall.

With the help of decoupage, you can make a bottle"Ancient". One way is to drape it with a cloth well moistened with PVA. Previously, the bottle is covered with soil. You can also paste an image on it - then the drapery is distributed around it. After drying, the fabric becomes stiff. With the help of a broad brush it is painted in a dark color, and gilding is applied from above. For the artificial aging of bottles, the "craquelure" technique is also widely used. In this case, their surface is covered with a special lacquer, on which, after drying, small cracks are formed.

Having practiced on empty bottles, it is possible safelyto take up the decoupage of bottles with contents: such a beautiful and original gift will be to your friends and colleagues. In this capacity, bottles designed according to the holiday, for example, using New Year or spring motifs, will be appropriate. Going to celebrate on the birthday, you can decorate the bottle with a successful birthday photograph.

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Decoupage of bottles: its features Decoupage of bottles: its features Decoupage of bottles: its features Decoupage of bottles: its features Decoupage of bottles: its features