Diet for intestinal ulcers

Unfortunately, a duodenal ulcer is a disease that many people suffer from. In addition, not only people of middle and older age, but also schoolchildren, students. Diet for ulcers of the intestine is a must, which must be followed for the sake of speedy recovery. The main causes of this type of ulcer can be unhealthy diet and stress. It should be said that the diet for duodenal ulcer should be strictly under the supervision of the attending physician.

Symptoms and causes of duodenal ulcer

With this disease, the patient can observe vomiting, stomach pain, frequent belching. In addition, there may be a complication in the form of stenosis, reflux, bleeding. Most often, the factors that stimulate the appearance of an ulcer are:

  1. Improper diet (unbalanced diet, love of "fast food", soda, etc.);
  2. Irregular nutrition;
  3. Severe stress;
  4. Feature of the structure or functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  5. The reproduction of bacteria called "Helicobacter pylori".

When detecting and exacerbation of duodenal ulcer, the doctor prescribes a special diet, which varies depending on the severity of the disease.

Diet for duodenal ulcer

As a rule, first for some time, the doctor prescribes a diet number 1A, which is the most stringent. All dishes and products used by the patient should be in a grated, liquid or semi-liquid form (you can also use soft-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, various compotes, etc.). Six to eight meals a day should be served.

If the patient's condition improves, the doctor prescribes diet No. 1B. During this diet, you can add dishes from minced chicken meat, mashed potatoes, and cottage cheese to the patient’s diet.

After this, the doctor prescribes diet number 1. Such a diet is prescribed for the longest time (from three months to one year). And unlike the first two, it is more diverse. In addition to those dishes and products that are allowed in the first two diets, with the No. 1 diet, lightly dried wheat bread, boiled meat, steamed patties, and soups with cabbage and sour cream are also allowed.

Diet for duodenal ulcer, which is complicated by stenosis

Stenosis is manifested in the patient through constant vomiting. All this occurs as a result of the narrowing of the duodenum. As a result, a sufficiently large amount of food eaten in the stomach lingers, and a scar is formed at the site of the ulcer, which is not able to stretch like muscle tissue. If the ulcer is burdened with a similar complication, the diet is modified. Usually, the balance of vitamins, as well as water that has been lost due to vomiting, is restored by chemical and mechanical means. The diet of the patient is built on high-calorie foods from foods that contain animal proteins, milk proteins, carbohydrates. A person should eat fruit juices and food that is filled with vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, fruits, boiled chicken (especially chicken breasts), cottage cheese, soups, and so on.

In addition to all this, in the human diet should include solid foods, subjected to strong cooking. For example, boiled meat should be crushed several times and very thoroughly, and after that cook meatballs or souffles from it.For dessert, you can eat jelly, puddings or jellies. To relax the duodenum, doctors often prescribe drugs such as No-shpa or Papaverine, which in turn improves the passage of food. As soon as the stenosis decreases, and the patient's condition improves, the doctor prescribes diet No. 1A.

Diet for duodenal ulcer with bleeding

A very unpleasant is a disease that is known as a duodenal ulcer. The diet we are about to describe can stop the bleeding that was caused due to this disease.

Most often, such a diet is prescribed in the first twelve hours after bleeding. It includes products that are able to reduce the work of the intestine and narrow blood vessels. The group of such products includes necessarily cooled: cream, milk and butter. The diet should be enriched with vitamins C and K, which are responsible for good blood clotting and significantly reduce vascular permeability. If the aggravation is also complicated by vomiting, then the usual diet is replaced with intravenous. Thus, the body also receives nutrients and essential vitamins.

In the first days after stopping the bleeding, you can include milk porridges, mashed potatoes boiled in milk, fresh fruit juices (slightly diluted with water), and dried wheat bread. As soon as a person's condition improves, this diet is replaced by No. 1A.

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