"DON-Sport Atmosphere" (Podolsk): description, services, reviews

In modern society, in recent years, a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly popular, and, as a rule, it can not be imagined without sport.

To strengthen the body, we need physical exertion, which is why more and more people try to visit various fitness centers and sports complexes more often."DON-Sport Atmosphere" (Podolsk)just can become for the inhabitants of this cityan excellent place for health promotion. In addition, the club offers other services to physical activities, the purpose of which is to restore freshness, youth and beauty to the human body.

"DON-Sport Atmosphere" Podolsk

Location of the sports complex

Fitness club "DON-Sport Atmosphere" (Podolsk) is located on Leningradskaya street, in the building at number 5 (17 kilometers from Moscow). There is free parking near the club.

The center is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm, on weekends from 9 am to 10 pm.

Information on the schedule of training can be found on the official website of the sports complex.

Description of the fitness center

"DON-Sport Atmosphere" (Podolsk) is aThe branch network, which was founded fourteen years ago. This is a premium class center, where classes are held not only for adults but also for children. "DON-Sport" has a large gym with modern equipment PRECOR, CYBEX and LIFE FITNESS, as well as the following areas: free weights, stretch marks and cardio loads.

If desired, you can train individually withan instructor who will choose a special program for everyone personally. Personal classes are conducted by titled athletes and professional instructors.

"DON-Sport Atmosphere" in Podolsk prices

The schedule of the sports club provides forthirty varieties of programs. In the halls intended for group classes, conduct training in aerobics, dancing, the direction of "reasonable body", martial arts. On the territory of the complex there are swimming pools for children and adults, where they hold water programs. Also worth noting the direction for children - except for fitness club offers classes to develop kids from year, creative circles, preparation for school.


Group programs, dance directions, swimming - this and more are ready to offer their customers"DON-Sport Atmosphere" (Podolsk).

To services of clients:

  • power training;
  • martial arts training;
  • yoga;
  • step aerobics;
  • functional training;
  • aerobics;
  • Pilates;
  • power training;
  • spinning;
  • body hump;
  • antigraviti yoga;
  • aqua aerobics;
  • dance programs;
  • numerous programs for children.

"DON-Sport Atmosphere" Podolsk reviews

Cost of lessons

Is DON-Sport Atmosphere available in Podolsk? The prices for today are:

  • on the club card (12 months) - from 35 thousand rubles;
  • the cost of an individual card for a month varies from 2.5 thousand to 3.3 thousand rubles;
  • the price of a child card (age from 3 to 5 years) - up to 2 100 rubles.

The club accepts payment in cash.

Additional Information

After training in the club you can relax inSPA center or visit the fitness bar. In the club "DON-Sport" it is possible to order a personal training, go through fitness testing, enroll children in a children's club.

For young clients

The institution has an extensive selection of programs forchildren from one year to fourteen. Especially for them here are conducted classes on physical training, a variety of training programs. Particularly popular dance lessons and martial arts sections. In addition, for young visitors a swimming pool is opened, where daily classes are held to prevent posture disorders. During the holidays there is a camp.

fitness club "DON-Sport Atmosphere" Podolsk

Martial Arts

Training hall, where he studies combatarts, equipped with tatami, makiwari, boxing ring, Swedish wall, pears. Here, classes are held on aikido, mix kite, karate and boxing. There is a set in the self-defense section for the fair sex.

Customer Testimonials

If you want to pull up a figure, make your body more embossed or instill in your children the love of sports, the ideal place for this will be"DON-Sport Atmosphere" (Podolsk). Reviewsthe citizens of this club are very positive. Many have long been his regular customers. The walls of the institution for them have already become native. Guests of the club flatteringly speak about attentive trainers, who always help, give sensible recommendations. According to them, the attitude of Atmosphere personnel is beyond praise, all teachers are courteous, tactful, with experience.

The club's aqua club is chic, beyond competition. The huge 25-meter pool is always clean, without the harsh odor of chlorine. Here they can teach not only children to swim, but also adults, there are special programs for women in the situation.

"DON-Sport Atmosphere" Podolsk

Judging by the reviews, the club reigns cozy andbenevolent atmosphere. Very comfortable conditions, a large area, a lot of different activities. Many allocate modern equipment, a good cardio zone. The children's club at the institution is simply excellent, all the young mothers respond with enthusiasm. The children play in the children's room and go to school with great pleasure.

Now you know where it isand what is the full-length sports club "DON-Sport Atmosphere" (Podolsk).And whether to attend it or not is for everyone to decide.

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DON-Sport Atmosphere (Podolsk): description, services, reviews DON-Sport Atmosphere (Podolsk): description, services, reviews DON-Sport Atmosphere (Podolsk): description, services, reviews DON-Sport Atmosphere (Podolsk): description, services, reviews DON-Sport Atmosphere (Podolsk): description, services, reviews DON-Sport Atmosphere (Podolsk): description, services, reviews