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Pharmacological properties

The drug "Anaferon" (reviews of doctors indicate its effectiveness) reduces the concentration of the virus in the affected tissues of the body, affects endogenous interferons and cytokines interacting with them, induces production of "early" endogenous interferons, gamma-interferon. The drug stimulates the immune response, increases the production of antibodies, activates the functions of T-helpers, T-effectors and optimizes their ratio, increases the functional supply of T-helpers and other cells involved in the immune response. Also, the agent Anaferon, the reviews about which patients leave good, increases the functional activity of natural killer cells and phagocytes, produces an antimutagenic effect.

Release form, composition

In the form of tablets for resorption is made means "Anaferon". Reviews indicate that the medicine tastes good. The shape of the tablets is flat-cylindrical, there is a risk and chamfer, there are inscriptions on the side with the mark and the other flat side, the color is white or almost white.Tablets are enclosed in a cell or polymer cans and placed in cardboard boxes. The active ingredients are affinity purified antibodies to human gamma interferon. In one unit they are contained in the amount of 0.003 grams.

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Mode of application

Tablets should be taken outside the food inside, keep in the mouth until absolute dissolution. Small children (from a month to three years) need to dissolve the tablet in one tablespoon of water (boiled) at room temperature. With ARVI, flu, neuroinfections, herpes virus and intestinal infections, treatment should be started as quickly as possible (at the first signs). In the first two hours you need to take the medication every half hour, and then during the day, drink another 3 tablets at regular time intervals. Starting from the second day, the drug is taken three times a day on the 1st tablet until recovery. For prophylaxis during an epidemic of ARVI, flu should be taken three times a day on the 1st tablet for 1-3 months. In case of acute manifestation of genital herpes, the medicine should be used according to the following scheme: from 1st to 3rd day - 8 times a day, 1 tablet; from 4th day - 4 times a day, 1 tablet for not less than three weeks.

Side effects of the drug "Anaferon"

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Reviews do not contain information about negative effects. On condition of hypersensitivity to the ingredients included in the composition may develop allergies.


With individual intolerance to the components, as well as to children up to the 1st month, no medicine is prescribed. It is possible to use Anaferon for pregnant and lactating women only when the predicted benefit exceeds the risk.

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