Edward Volodarsky: writer, screenwriter

“It all started in Harbin,” “Chapay Passion,” “We're from the Future,” “Life and Fate,” “Penal Board” - none of these films has been left unattended by both viewers and critics. The author of the scenarios for the pictures is Eduard Volodarsky. In addition, he has more than thirty prose works and plays. The work of the Russian scriptwriter and writer is the topic of today's article.

Edward Volodarsky

"Farewell, zampana zampana ..."

Eduard Volodarsky was born a few months before the beginning of World War II. What is known about the early years of the writer? Volodarsky has no autobiographical works in his bibliography, but as each master of the pen he used his youthful impressions and experience of mature years in his work. So, in 1987, the picture “Farewell, the zampa-rayon punks ...” appeared on the screens. The film describes the events of the fifties. Heroes of the film are typical teenagers of a restless and hungry post-war period. Perhaps the prototype of one of the characters is the author of the script for this picture, namely, Eduard Volodarsky.

However, the childhood and youth of the hero of this article did not go to Zamoskvorechye at all.The writer's small homeland is Kharkov. And only later was the capital, the prestigious Institute of Cinematography, work in the theater, fame ...

"Check on the road"

Edward Volodarsky has created more than eighty screenplays for films. Many of them are known to the Russian audience. But in his filmography there are paintings that have lain "on the shelf" for more than a dozen years. For example, the picture "Check on the road" was released only in 1985. The shooting ended fifteen years before the premiere. And if at the beginning of the seventies, film officials called the film "degenerating Soviet resistance to the enemy during World War II", then in 1985 the filmmakers were awarded several awards, among which was the USSR State Prize.

Before you name the most famous films based on the scripts of Volodarsky, it is worthwhile to list the books of this author. However, for each of them created the same film. Indeed, in the first place, he was not a prose writer, but an eminent screenwriter was Eduard Volodarsky.

Edward Volodarsky books


In 1979, a work in the military adventure genre was published, written by the hero of this article in collaboration with Nikita Mikhalkov.The book is called "His among strangers, a stranger among his". Adventure novel was published, which is remarkable, four years after the premiere of the famous film Mikhalkov. Among the books written by Volodarsky, and later filmed by equally talented directors, are the following:

  • "Vasily Stalin".
  • "Viennese holidays".
  • "Trap".
  • "Skull Hunters".
  • "Chapay Passion".
  • "The Fifth Angel".
  • "Terrorist Ivanova".


In 1969, Yuri German wrote the story "Head of the Operations Group." Ten years later, Eduard Volodarsky completely created on the basis of this work a script, according to which the film "My Friend Ivan Lapshin" was shot. In the Soviet period, this work was perhaps the most vivid in the works of the screenwriter.

In the eighties, scenarios were written for the paintings "Demidov", "Contract of the Century", "Appeal", "Blackmailer", "Moonzund". Eduard Volodarsky did not stop working even in the first decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when cultural life in the country was in the deepest crisis. However, the peak of creativity came in the last years of his life. “Life and Fate”, “Everything Started in Harbin”, “Burnt by the Sun 2”, “Dostoevsky” - television films based on Volodarsky's scripts.In his filmography, there are also pictures of "All Kings Can", "Inhabited Island" and the acclaimed fantasy film "We are from the future."

 Volodarsky Eduard Penalbat

And, finally, it is worth mentioning about another film, the author of the original script to which is Volodarsky Edward. "Shtrafbat" - the series, which caused a lot of conflicting reviews. According to critics, there are quite a few discrepancies in the script with historical facts. Nevertheless, the film has caused the delight of the audience. Perhaps due to the excellent directorial work and talented acting.

Edward Volodarsky died in 2012.

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