Endometrial biopsy. How is carried out and what are the consequences of the procedure

Women due to the structure of their bodies often have to undergo a variety of studies. A representative of the weaker sex should visit the gynecologist regularly. Doctors talk about annual visits to the doctor in the absence of any complaints. If symptoms of pathology appear, then you need to contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Gynecologists often prescribe such studies as hysteroscopy, colposcopy, ultrasound diagnostics, and so on. In recent years, the endometrial pipeline biopsy has become very popular. Consequences, reviews of diagnostic manipulation will be presented to your attention in the article. You will learn the features of the procedure. You can also find out what endometrial pipe biopsy is done for.

pipel endometrial biopsy

What it is

The endometrial Peipel biopsy is a diagnostic operation that allows you to examine the inner lining of the uterus without the need to expand the cervical canal.The patient at the time of collection of material almost does not feel discomfort. This eliminates the use of anesthetics and narcotic drugs.

The endometrial aspiration pipe biopsy is named after the person who discovered it. It is carried out using the thinnest tube, which has a diameter of 2.3 or 4 millimeters. Inside this tool is hollow, which allows for the collection of material.

When it is necessary to diagnose

In recent years, patients are increasingly prescribed this type of diagnosis. The main indications of this study include:

  • infertility of obscure nature;
  • irregular cycle of menstruation;
  • bleeding due to the use of hormonal drugs;
  • suspected acute or chronic endometritis;
  • lack of menstruation in due time;
  • menopause;
  • polyps and fibroids in the cavity of the reproductive organ;
  • preparation for surgery and so on.

Sometimes endometrial pipe biopsy is prescribed before IVF. This type of research allows to exclude possible difficulties during the implantation of the ovum and increases the likelihood of a positive result.

paypel endometrial biopsy effects reviews

Contraindications to surgery

As with any intervention in the patient's body, endometrial pipeline biopsy has its limitations and contraindications. These include:

  • the presence of pregnancy, including the development outside the uterus;
  • inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • infection in the vagina;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • low pain threshold (need anesthesia);
  • defects in the development of the uterus (septum, adhesions, and so on).

In each case, there may be additional contraindications. Before the manipulation, the patient is always examined by experts and the conclusion is made.

paypel endometrial biopsy reviews

Preparation for the study

The performance of the material intake is always carried out in the hospital walls. Before manipulation, the patient is offered to take anesthetic and sedative. However, in most cases this is not necessary. Anesthesia is required only at a low pain threshold and using a pipe with a diameter of more than four millimeters.

Are there any special conditions for the procedure called endometrial biopsy? On which day of the cycle should the material be taken? It all depends on the purpose of the study.If a woman is in reproductive age and has a relatively stable cycle, then the procedure is performed from 20 to 25 days from the start of menstruation. Representatives of the weaker sex during menopause, you can assign a study at any time.

In preparation for the procedure of in vitro fertilization, manipulation is prescribed one cycle before the use of hormonal drugs. It is worth noting that you need to cancel all medications that may affect the state of the endometrium. These include hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy, and so on. In exceptional cases, the study is carried out directly during treatment.

How is endometrial pipe biopsy done?

The material is collected by an experienced doctor on a gynecological chair. A woman should perform hygiene procedures before the procedure and undress. Further, the patient settles down on the chair, and the doctor begins the manipulation.

A dilator with a mirror is inserted into the vagina of the weaker sex. With it, the cervix is ​​fixed in a fixed position. After that, the specialist needs to know the size of the reproductive organ.For this purpose, a special measuring device is used. It is gently inserted into the cervical canal until it stops. After that, the doctor selects a suitable size pipe and proceeds to the procedure.

The doctor takes the suction tube and gently inserts it into the cervical canal. It is worth noting that the device should not rest against the bottom of the uterus. Otherwise damage may occur. When the tube is inserted into the desired depth, the doctor pulls the piston from the outer end of the device. At this point, negative pressure is created in the uterus. Particles of the endometrium with some areas fall into the tube and remain there even after extraction. The next step is for the doctor to gently pull the pipe from the patient's cervical canal. After that, the resulting material is applied to sterile glass and sent to the study.

paypel endometrial biopsy effects

Opinions of doctors and patients about the manipulation

The endometrial biopsy has positive reviews. Patients say that the manipulation is absolutely painless. It lasts no more than one minute. Much longer is the preparation for it. Within a few minutes after taking the material, the patient can go home.Only in some special cases, doctors leave a woman in the hospital for a few hours.

Doctors say that endometrial pipe biopsy gives very accurate results. If a conventional biopsy conducts a study of a specific area that was taken with the help of curettage, then the pipe carries out the removal of the endometrium from all walls of the reproductive organ. Also, experts report on security manipulation. Gynecologists do not have to expand the patient's cervical canal. After all, this often leads to the development of complications.

The endometrial biopsy is also a safe procedure due to the use of sterile materials. The tubes are made of high quality plastic and can only be used once. During curettage, reusable metal devices are used. This often leads to infection and the development of infection. That is why the pipe-biopsy is the preferred method of studying the state of the internal cavity of the genital organ.

Patients talk about the relatively expensive cost of the procedure. The average price category of the pipe-biopsy is in the range from two to five thousand rubles.However, in public institutions this research is carried out absolutely free of charge if certain documents are available.

Duration of diagnostics and obtaining results

As you already know, the material is taken no longer than one minute. After that, the tissue is sent to the laboratory for research. Diagnosis lasts no more than one week. The result is usually issued within ten days.

Only a qualified specialist can decipher the received data. Do not try to do it yourself. Your guesses may be wrong. If necessary, after the endometrial biopsy biopsy, any medications are prescribed to correct the condition.

after pipel endometrial biopsy

Endometrial biopsy biopsy: effects

Reviews of doctors say that complications usually arise when the material is not properly collected. Also, the consequences can not be avoided in the case when there was a neglect of contraindications.

Among the consequences can be identified immediate complications and delayed response. In the first case, the pathology develops directly during the material intake.Late complications develop more frequently. Consider the most common difficulties women face during or after a pipe biopsy.

Perforation of the uterus

This complication is the most dangerous. It usually occurs when the manipulation is carried out, despite the inflammatory processes. When infected uterine walls, they become more loose and thinner. If the size of the pipe was chosen incorrectly, the tool may simply pierce the organ.

In this case, massive bleeding develops, which can be life threatening. This situation requires surgery.

pipel endometrial biopsy results

Bleeding from the genital tract

The endometrial Peipel biopsy can have consequences in the form of bleeding. In this case, we are talking about damage to the cervix or its internal cavity. Also, this complication may develop due to the fact that the patient's blood clotting is impaired. That is why it is so important to conduct this analysis before manipulation.

Normally, the release of blood after the collection of material can be observed in a small amount and quite a short period of time.This is usually a brownish daub or a few drops of scarlet liquid, which pass in two or three days.

Infection of the reproductive organ

The consequence of diagnosis may be the addition of infection. Since all materials for the study are sterile, the complication develops due to the penetration of microbes from the vagina into the uterus. Often this happens while ignoring the fact that diagnostics is prohibited when a bad smear result.

In case of development of this effect, the woman needs correction, which provides for long-term treatment with antimicrobial and immunomodulatory drugs.

pipel endometrial biopsy on which day of the cycle


The endometrial biopsy is an informative and fairly safe procedure that can be performed at any time without much preparation. The result you get in the shortest time. Such a study allows to identify such pathologies as endometritis, metritis, fibroids, polyps, various hormonal diseases, and so on. With timely detection of deviations and correction, a woman gets rid of her problems pretty quickly. In some cases, endometrial pipe biopsy allows to identify the cause of female infertility.After several cycles of correction, such patients become pregnant independently and safely give birth to children.

If the doctor has prescribed this type of diagnosis, then you should not refuse it. The procedure will help to learn about the status of your reproductive organ. Good health and wellness!

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