First aid for sunstroke and heat

Summer came with a succession of sunny hot days, which brought with it the risk of some rather serious trouble bearing the name of heat or sunstroke in medicine. We will describe in detail in the article how this state is manifested and how first aid is rendered during sunstroke.first aid for sunstroke

Both the whole body and the head overheat equally.

In official medicine they speak of two concepts: heat and sunstroke. In the first case, it is diagnosed when the entire body of a person is overheated, and the second threatens those who have not protected their head from the sun's rays on it and thereby caused its heating. But due to the fact that the symptoms of these ailments in victims are very similar, they are often united even by physicians.

We, telling how it is correct first aid in thermal and sunstroke, we first specify some details.

A little about heat transfer

With the functioning of the human body, a certain amount of heat is produced. This happens during any movements, and in the process of eating, and as a result of emotional outbursts.first aid with heat and sunstroke

To maintain the temperature, comfortable for all organs, the body needs the possibility of normal heat transfer. And one of the important processes that help in this is the release of sweat, which is able to cool the skin surface to some extent. But in the heat, as you understand, it becomes more and more difficult, and a long stay in such conditions can cause the consequences, which in medicine are defined as thermal diseases - that is, associated with excessive heat.

In what cases do we have to remember how first aid is provided during heat and sunstroke?

What is thermal illness?

For the first time, almost every child is found with heat illness at a very early age. We are talking about the notorious "potny", which in medicine, by the way, is called a "heat rash." It occurs as a result of too warm swaddling, forcing the baby’s delicate skin to get wet from overheating. Accordingly, irritations appear on it.first aid for sunstroke

But as we grow older, we do not go anywhere from overheating, most often arranging it ourselves. You have probably seen people playing volleyball or playing sports under the scorching summer sun on the beach more than once? It is clear that at this time they sweat a lot.And along with then their body loses not only moisture, but also salt. The lack of the latter leads to the appearance of the so-called thermal cramps that occur in the calf muscles, in the muscles of the abdomen and arms.

The situation develops, as a rule, according to two scenarios - the red from the heat and the wet from the sweat the player turns pale at some point, the sweat from him dries out, and his consciousness is dulled. The victim falls. All these are symptoms indicating sunstroke, and first aid from those around him is now vital.

And in the second case, he tells his friends that he will cool off now and take a dive into the cool water. There he almost immediately has a cramp, which in many cases does not give a chance to escape.

Therefore, remember that in order not to become a victim of sunstroke or heat cramps, you need to drink a lot! And it is advisable to drink not just water, but a slightly salty drink, the ideal proportion of which is a teaspoon of salt per liter of water.

Heat and sunstroke: symptoms and first aid

At some point, as we have said, the body loses its ability to regulate heat transfer. The person begins to experience weakness, dizziness and nausea, and the body temperature rises. All these signs in medicine can be attributed to heat exhaustion.sunstroke symptoms and first aid

And when, as a result, the ability to sweat is lost (the body simply has nothing to sweat), then the patient, as a rule, becomes deactivated - this is the most dangerous symptom of heat stroke.

By the way, the loss of consciousness is an indisputable reason to consult a doctor after first aid was given for thermal sunstroke.

Risk factors

The most interesting (and sad) is that the dangerous consequences of heat or sunstroke are not the most vulnerable groups of the population. Why? It's all about the features of our idea of ​​rest. Men who come to the pond will definitely want to drink (and of course, not compote), after which they will start those ball games or fall asleep on the beach ...first aid for thermal sunstroke

But, besides them, there are certain groups of people whose danger of sunstroke is very high. And before we say exactly how the first aid turns out to be at sunstroke, it is worth listing these categories of people:

  1. Small children (up to one year old). The state of heat transfer in their bodies is very imperfect, which means there is always a threat of overheating.
  2. Older people (over 65).Their heat exchange is becoming increasingly sluggish, which can not but affect the increased risk to earn sunstroke.
  3. People with hypertension, as well as fat and suffering from diseases of the central nervous system.

By the way, the use of some anti-allergic drugs, due to the fact that they reduce sweating, can also provoke thermal and sunstroke.

First aid for sunstroke

You may be surprised, but among all sorts of natural disasters, sunstroke occupies a leading place in its ability to kill a person. Therefore, in order to avoid serious consequences, it is vitally necessary for the patient to competently provide first aid in sunstroke. These elementary rules should know everyone:

  1. The unconscious victim must be dragged to a cooler place (in the room always turn on the fan or air conditioner).
  2. Lay the victim so that his legs are just above the level of the head.
  3. In places of large vessels (forehead, armpits, inguinal region) it is necessary to put wet cold compresses.
  4. To bring the patient to consciousness - bring a cotton wool with ammonia pot to his nose.
  5. Awake to the patient, let's drink a lot (salted water, fruit juice, fruit drink).
  6. Be sure to consult a doctor.thermal and sunstroke first aid

Now about what you should not do when there is first aid for sunstroke:

  • give the victim tea or coffee - they contain caffeine, which has a diuretic, and for an organism that has lost a lot of fluids, this is an impossible task;
  • give antipyretic drugs, as after compresses and heavy drinking, the temperature normalizes on its own;
  • rub the body with alcohol-containing liquids.

Precautionary measures

But the most important thing is to prevent first aid in case of sunstroke being necessary. To do this, if possible, limit your stay in the heat. You can not sunbathe in the afternoon (it is better to do this before 10 am and after 4 pm)! Actively use with this sunscreen.

Exercise in the heat is a serious danger of getting heatstroke. Reduce them, and your need for active rest in the morning and evening hours. Remember about diet: in the summer it is best to reduce the amount of consumed fat and meat.Vegetables and fruits should now become the most important component of your diet.first aid for sunstroke

Thermal shock prevention

In order not to have to remember how the first medical aid in case of sunstroke occurs, you should follow important and very simple rules.

In the hot season, do not allow the lack of fluid in the body. Always have a drink with you! Your clothes should be made of a light fabric that does not fit tightly to the body - this will allow the sweat to stand out not to be absorbed into the fabric, but to evaporate, thus cooling the body. In addition, I want to appeal to all those who for some reason are in the sun a lot: a cap (cap, panama, sombrero) is your salvation from overheating and sunstroke! Dense food can also provoke an increase in heat production - which means that lunch should be shifted for a cool time of the day.

Solar and heat strokes - this is our carelessness and reassessment of the body. Do not allow this, and you do not need first aid for sunstroke.

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