First sex: how to behave?

Not a single textbook of good manners gives recommendations on how to behave during intimate meetings between a man and a woman. During the date, each relies on his intuition. If you want to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, then you need to familiarize yourself with sexual etiquette. You need to know what to do if you expect first sex with a man, how to behave while doing so. Because it creates the basis of an impression about you that may affect your relationship in the future.

Sexual etiquette rules

  • No need to rush things and rush to the man on the neck on the first evening. Before entering into a sexual relationship, it would be nice to find out the name, first name, address of the partner and his phone number.
  • Listen to yourself, if something is alarming, take time out. You should always remember the rule that says that if you have doubts, you do not need to do this.
  • The young man likes more and more, you want you to have first sex with him. How to behave?

It's time to think about the safety of sex. The most relevant and fundamental requirement for intimate relationships in our time is safe sex. While you know each other badly, you need to use condoms.

In your opinion, the partner should take care of this. But lovers of men very often forget about it. So you have to have this remedy with you, and it can also help you protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

  • What underwear should be on you during the first intimate relationships. You may be misunderstood if you are wearing a leather bra, feather panties or something similar. You need to pick up something expensive and beautiful, but not very challenging.
  • The problem of choosing a place for your first intimate date, leave your partner. And so it happened, your first sex. How to behave, what to say, and what is not worth it and in general, what to do next?

After the first sex

  • Refrain from comments about the appearance of the partner and his sexual merits.
  • Do not elicit from him the details of his past novels.
  • Remember, the bedroom is not designed to talk for life, it does not need to discuss new books and problems at work. Many women are talkative, but this is not an excuse if a man kisses you behind the ear or caresses your chest, and at this time you are chirping about everything in a row.It is also not necessary to sharply move on to these problems after the end of sex. Give the young man time to enjoy these feelings and try to do it yourself.
  • Do not imitate orgasm. First, a man can understand this, and secondly, you yourself will not get pleasure from it.
  • If there is a misfire, you do not need to turn away to the wall with a disgruntled sigh, you also do not need to console your partner too zealously, saying at the same time something like the fact that our desires do not always coincide with our capabilities, but there is nothing terrible, because there are vibrators . In such a situation, you just need to gently smile and gently say that you are not ready for sex today.
  • Remember that even if you really like everything, then the man will not be able to repeat everything immediately. He may not be constantly in a state of alert. He needs rest, someone 10 minutes, someone 30, and someone an hour. No need to force things, wait until he himself manifests a desire to have sex again.
  • Do not turn sex into a guessing game. Do not force your partner to guess your erogenous zones. Tell him yourself what more you like. But this must be done gently and tactfully.
  • If after the first sex you made the decision to part with the young man, then do it carefully so that he does not think that the whole thing is that sex with him did not suit you.

In this article we tried to give you tips on how to organize your first sex, how to behave, what to wear, what to do and what to say.

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