Flashmob for the wedding: the best ideas

The marriage is a serious event inlife of each couple in love. However, despite the seriousness of what is happening, it would be nice to dilute the solemn situation with petty pranks, organizing a fun flashmob for the wedding, which will liberate the guests and get unique emotions.

The defining principles of the flashmob

Planning to surprise others during the wedding celebration with an unusual trick, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the main feature of any flash mob is the spontaneous participation of the majority of those present;
  • holding such events does not imply the existence of an explicit leader or leader;
  • participants in the event should not demonstrate their awareness in advance.

Original offer

Over the years flashmob for the wedding,whose goal is to offer the hand and heart, remains the most popular event of such a plan all over the world. What makes young people resort to this method?

First, the flashmob always comes with a surprise effect. Thanks to thorough preparation, a girl may not be aware of the purpose of what is happening until the very last moment.

Ideas for flashmobs in the form of suggestions allowa huge number of different variations. In such events, an impressive mass of people can participate. Sensitivity of the senses is added by the reaction of passers-by.

flashmob for the wedding

If the proposal is organized in a similar wayoccurs in a crowded, public place, the bride is often in complete confusion and can not refuse, because the efforts of a loved one appreciate the curious views of others. A positive evaluation by a large number of even strangers flatter girls.

What is the scenario to choose to organizelike a flash mob? Here everything depends on the imagination of the future groom, the breadth of the purse and the availability of conditions for the implementation of certain ideas in reality. You can arrange both a real extravaganza, and a rather modest, but unexpected proposal with the participation of previously prepared extras.

Dance flashmob for the wedding

Virtually not inferior in popularityprevious idea. Often the participants of the event dress up in dance costumes, hide them under solemn attire and try to get lost in the crowd of guests. At some point, the prepared music for flashmob for the wedding is included. Dancers perform the original number, gradually connecting to the general movement of unsuspecting observers. At the end, the participants depict the non-participation in the event and try again to mingle with the crowd.

music for flash mob for wedding

To smoothly organize a dance flashmob for a wedding without unpleasant surprises, it is worth using the following tips:

  1. For the organization of the conceived will suit not onlya wedding hall or a place where an informal part of the celebration will take place, but also any public institution or a playground on which the plans are destined to be newlyweds.
  2. For dancing you can use absolutely any costumes and attributes: original T-shirts, colorful balloons, nameplates, photos, flags, wigs and stuff.
  3. Organizing a dance flash mob for a wedding,special attention should be given to musical accompaniment. If you want, you can do with the usual player. However, for a wedding it is still worthwhile to use the services of professionals who are able to provide a sufficiently powerful and high-quality sound.
  4. If there is no possibility to invite professionaldancers, it is necessary to resort to the help of the guests. To select for the dance in this case, the most simple and easily remembered movements are recommended, which are repeated periodically.


Revising ideas for a flash mob for a wedding, it's worthPay attention to a fairly popular option, known as the battery. To implement the idea into reality requires a whole group of extras, one of which is the initial link.

ideas for flash mob

The signal for the beginning is slowing down the movementsone of the participants to a complete stop in a conditional position. Repeating for the first supernumerary, the other mobbers also begin to gradually lose energy and disconnect, dropping to the knee, lying on the ground or freezing in any other position. After counting a few minutes, everyone starts to disperse. This kind of presentation can surprise all those present at the wedding and make them connect to the general merriment.

Unexpected guests

Immediately during the feast in the hallthere are social workers, dressed in uniform, whether they are doctors, cleaners or representatives of the police. By default, the object of the visit should be a very serious pretext.

In the course of what is happening, the culprits of the unexpected chaosshould go to the congratulations of the newlyweds, presenting gifts, arrange for the audience a dance or a theatrical performance. In order to avoid misunderstandings in preparing for the implementation of the idea, it is advisable to notify in advance the intention of the toastmaster and several relatives.

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