Ford Tourneo Custom minibus: technical specifications, reviews

In 2013, the Ford Tourneo Custom minibus appeared on the automotive market in our country. He is going to the production site in Turkey, and more specifically in the city of Elabuga. Sliding doors on two sides of the car, eight soft and comfortable seats, quiet running engine. All this attracts lovers of a comfortable ride.

Modifications of the minibus "Ford"

The Torneo-Custom wagon is produced in two basic trim levels:

  • Trend. These versions of the car can have seven or eight passenger seats, not including the driver's seat. All of them have several positions that allow you to adjust each seat separately. External modern appearance will not leave indifferent even passersby. Additional security provides a rear-view camera, which is included in the automatic mode when the reverse gear. Its dimensions are chosen so that passengers feel comfortable in it, but at the same time, the minibus is quite maneuverable. He easily drives through the city, in the parking lot fits anywhere.Ford Tourneo Custom allows you to transport even bulky cargo. They can be conveniently located on special cargo crossbars located on the roof. If necessary, the cross member can be folded.

Ford Tourneo Custom

  • Titanium. In this configuration there are three options for the location of the seats. In addition to the driver's, the cabin can accommodate five, seven or eight seats to choose from. Optionally, the rear seats can choose increased comfort. This arrangement implies a folding table. This version is slightly longer than the models in the Trend modification. But the stylish appearance is preserved. He's just as attractive. For convenience, in addition to the rear view camera, there are parking sensors. Beeps they help the driver. As the distance decreases, their sound becomes more intense.

Main dimensions of a minibus

Depending on the modification, Ford Tourneo Custom may have different dimensions.

The complete set "Trend" provides for the length of the minibus 4972 millimeters, the width of 1986 millimeters and the height of 1900 millimeters. The wheelbase is 1933 millimeters. With such dimensions, the curb weight of the van is 2102 kilograms, while the total is three thousand kilograms.

Ford van

Minivans "Titanium" have slightly increased size. Their length is already 5339 millimeters, height - 1909 millimeters, wheelbase - 3300 millimeters. Curb weight increased to 2174 kilograms. But the width of the car remained unchanged (1986 millimeters), as well as the total weight (three tons).

External review of the minibus “Trend”

The lights in this configuration Ford Tourneo Custom are equipped with halogen lamps that have the ability to delay the shutdown. Round-shaped small fog lamps are located on a special bumper insert that visually connects them to each other.

Ford tourneo custom reviews

The bumper itself is painted in body color. But it has black elements installed. This grille, closing the radiator, and insert between the fog. Rear bumper is not painted. Also remained unpainted rear-view mirrors (which, it is worth noting, are equipped with electric heating), turn indicators, door handles and moldings.

Sliding doors are located on both sides of the minibus for ease of boarding (disembarking) passengers. Below the side doors are steps. The rear door rises up (folding). She has a janitor.Glasses are covered with a light tint.

Wheel steel wheels with a diameter of sixteen inches are covered with decorative caps. The spare wheel has the same dimensions.

Salon in the configuration "Trend"

The interior of the minibus Ford Tourneo Custom is not inferior to the attractive exterior of the body.

Ford tourneo custom price

The steering column is adjustable in height and reach. The wheel itself has four spokes. Gear knob covered in leather.

The driver and front passenger seats are single, heated. The driver is equipped with armrest and lumbar support. On top of the ceiling there are handles on both sides.

The seats of the two rear rows are adjustable. The floor near the door is highlighted. In the center open windows on both sides. There is a separate liquid heater for passengers. From pleasant things - a twelve volt outlet at the end of the cabin.


For a comfortable ride, the car is equipped with the following options:

  • The car is equipped with an onboard computer.
  • There is a front air conditioner with manual control.
  • The windshield is heated.
  • There is even a sensor installed that indicates the amount of residual washer fluid.
  • Glasses front doors with elektropodemnikom.
  • Audio system with a screen.
  • Multimedia system with four speakers and a microphone.
  • Central locking.
  • Cruise control.
  • Parking sensors.
  • Stop-start system.


“Ford” - a van in the configuration “Trend” - has a variety of options and systems that serve to reduce risks during a possible accident. The degree of safety increases due to:

  • Seat belts.
  • Anti-lock system.
  • ESP systems.
  • Wheel pressure sensors.
  • Airbags (side, front).
  • Fastening child seats on the system "Izofiks".

Ford Tourneo Custom specifications

Such options even in emergency situations will allow the driver and passengers to be as secure as possible.

Overview minibus in picking "Titanium"

Van Ford Tourneo Custom in this configuration has all the characteristics of the previous version. But in addition to them there are other options.

The exterior looks different colored bumpers, grille, rear-view mirrors, moldings, door handles. Rear windows have a dark tint. Wheel size is sixteen inches. But already installed alloy wheels and nuts with sekretki.

Ford Tourneo Custom minibus

Mirrors in the sun visors are equipped with lights. There is eyeglass case.Back rows of seats are protected from the sun by blinds. Heater received control module.

Options minibus additionally have light and rain sensors, perimeter alarm.

Ford Tourneo Custom: Specifications

The powertrain of minibuses of this model has the following characteristics. The volume of the diesel engine is 2.2 liters (more precisely, 2198 cubic centimeters). There is a turbocharger. Four cylinders arranged in a row. Each of them has four valves. The engine delivers 125 horsepower.

Gearbox manual, with six speeds. Front-wheel drive. Fuel consumption, depending on the version of 6.8-7.1 liters per hundred kilometers. The volume of the fuel tank is eighty liters.

Ford Tourneo Custom: reviews and prices

As one would expect, the feedback about this car is positive. Initially, the owners of minibuses celebrate a stylish appearance, spacious lounge. Good steering, good speed and low fuel consumption are not ignored. True, it does not accelerate very quickly. But for this class of car is forgivable.

There are some disadvantages. For example, the car cools quickly. But then the interior heats up as quickly.There are questions about the quality of plastic in the rear. During the movement there is a vibration. Noise isolation there also brings. While driving all the sounds of a working car penetrate inside. These are the negative impressions of the owners of the Ford Tourneo Custom.

The price of a new minibus is about 2.3-2.4 million rubles. The higher price will be for an elongated base in the Titanium configuration. A used van can be purchased for 900 thousand rubles and more, depending on the state. This is an acceptable price for a car of this class with such characteristics.

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