Front shock absorber support: photo, replacement instructions

A shock absorber is an element of the suspension designed for complete or partial damping of body vibrations and impacts from the movement of wheels on irregularities. In other words, when driving over a pothole, the wheel first abruptly goes down (the rod comes out of the shock absorber), and then returns abruptly to its original position. This is where the shock absorber works, making this return smoother.

Front Shock Mount

Depreciation racks are located above each of the four wheels of the car. The lower part they are attached to the steering knuckle, and the top - to the body. The top mount can be seen by opening the hood lid. On both sides of the engine compartment are two large bulges, called "glasses". In the center of each there are metal plates with a nut in the center. The attachment point of the front shock absorber in the photo below can be considered in detail.front shock absorber support

The main element of the upper mounting is a rubber gasket. It is very thick and is designed to absorb shocks. The plastic ring (it is also the bearing of the front shock absorber support) reduces friction during turns of the damping rod.front shock absorber support

More about bearings

The bearing of the upper bearing of the front shock absorber is a kind of rolling bearings. Its main difference is that its outer ring is much thicker. To take loads from different directions, it has cylindrical rollers, which are perpendicular to each other, or balls. Each is separated by a separator.

The separator is a distinctive part of rolling bearings. It is a metal ring with round holes. Thanks to him, the rotational speed of the bearing increases, a greater amount of grease to the rollers comes. The function of the separator is only to hold those same rollers (or balls), and he does not carry any more load on himself.

Four types of bearings are used in automobiles: a bearing with a built-in ring, with a separable inner, with a detachable outer, and a bearing for the front shock absorber of a single split type.

Symptoms of support failure

Than in more extreme conditions they exploit the car (rally in rough terrain, temperature drops, mud), the less is the service life of the front shock absorber support. The main signal of its malfunction is a characteristic knock when driving, especially on irregularities.front suspension strut upper mount

Check the integrity and serviceability of the support should be every 20 000 km. The maximum term of its service is no more than 100 000 km.

To prevent damage with all the ensuing consequences will cost less. Visually, you can assess the condition of the gasket. It should be smooth and without cracks.

If there is a knock, you should first check the mounting of the shock absorber to the support. There is a possibility that there is nothing to repair. But if the mount is in order, then do the repair yourself, or go to the service station is just necessary.

The consequences of late repair

A worn shock absorber support reduces the service life of shock absorbers, springs, connecting rods and steering. The ABS system breaks down, the wheel alignment angle gets off and, as a result, the steering wheel beats and uneven tire tread wear.front shock absorber replacement

It is worth noting that the replacement of the front shock absorber support should be made in pairs. This opinion is held on the overwhelming number of stations. If the time has come to change the right support, then the left too, even if it is also suitable for use. Otherwise, there may be a body roll when cornering, the car will start to lead to the side.front suspension bearing

In the case of replacement shock absorbers also recommend replacing and support.

How to replace the supports yourself

For removal and installation of support does not require a pit or overpass. All work can be done with a jack and mate. Their sequence is described below:

  1. Turn off the upper stock with two keys.
  2. Jacking up a car. The lower part of the support is removed from the bowl, then removed.
  3. After removing the seat support reliably cleaned of dirt and corrosion, process rust converter and tint.
  4. We collect the rack and set in place.
  5. Fasten the rack to the lower arm.
  6. Raise the body on the jack so that the wheel remains on the ground.
  7. Install the support.
  8. The assistant slowly lowers the jack.
  9. Gradually align the position of the rod in the support.
  10. After installing the rod tighten the nuts of the bearing, taking into account the value of the torque specified in the instructions (use a torque wrench).
  11. The completion of the repair is a test drive on an empty road (it is not necessary to travel to city streets, while there is no certainty that the steering control is working).

If the support itself has no complaints, but the bearing has worked its own, you can deal only with its replacement. To do this, we dismantle the rack and support. Remove the bearing. Obvious signs to replace:

  • uneven wear of balls;
  • bully clips;
  • ruined seals.

The bearing itself can be easily disassembled into its components, but it needs to be changed entirely. This part is cheap, and the responsibility on it is too big to repair it handicraft.

Extending the life of bearings and shock absorbers

The main enemy of the front suspension struts are pits and potholes. It is not possible to drive around each one, but it is quite possible to slow down and smoothly overcome it. The support, as well as the shock absorber, is afraid of sudden movements and impacts. The stronger the return from the “jump” of the wheel from the pit, the stronger the reaction of the rod and the support.

Cleaning and washing the engine compartment from fallen leaves and dirt will prevent clogging of drainage systems, thereby protecting the pillars from pollution from the outside, and the glasses from an additional source of corrosion.

Periodic washing of shock absorbers, especially in winter, from adhering snow mixed with salt and reagents, also contributes to the preservation of metal and rubber elements from premature destruction.

How to choose a new part

In autoshop there is a huge selection of parts from manufacturers from almost all over the world of different quality and with different prices. Car manufacturers recommend purchasing parts either of their own production, or of those firms that install themselves.

The part must be sold in an individual package, on which the manufacturer must be marked with the catalog number, serial number and mark of conformity. This information is duplicated on the spare part itself.

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