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How little we know about horses, besides the fact that these are the most noble and pure-hearted animals, walking side by side with people in everyday life and in war, this is not the first millennium. Graceful and intelligent, they become best friends for the person and reciprocate kindness on his part. We suggest you to pay attention to the image of these animals in the cinema, having familiarized with our selection, the movie (including films and 2016) about horses. The list is quite large, but we have tried to systematize it. You will find pictures of various genres in it: action films, westerns, comedies, melodramas and dramas, adventures, children's films. This variety is represented not only by American ribbons, but also domestic, European.

movies about horses 2016 list

Russian films about horses: a list of the 1940-1960s.

Domestic cinema, in contrast to foreign films, is rather poor on films about animals, including horses. This area is poorly developed and is represented mainly by melodramas and ribbons of military subjects.But still fans of equestrian sports and just lovers of these graceful animals have something to pay attention to. Soviet cinema is represented mainly by military dramas: “Old Rider” (1940), “Brave People” (1950), “Foal” (1959), “Lyubushka” (1961). In 1967 one of the most popular films of the time about horses “Bracelet-2” was released on the screens. It tells the story of the life of a brilliant hippodrome trotter and public favorite, who during the Civil War became an ordinary horse-drawn horse, but then returned to the races in triumph.

In 1968, the list of films about horses was replenished with the film “Pacer Run” based on the novel “Goodbye, Gulsary” by C. Aitmatov, as well as the military comedy “It is good for non-combatant”.

Domestic films about horses 1970-1990s.

list of movies about horses

Films about horses in the USSR were made quite often in the Union republics, such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc. The Kazakh film about the friendship of a horse and a man “Shock and Sher” (1972) belongs to this category. in the same year, the war drama "Riders" was released. 1975 pleased the audience with the “Mustang-ambler” tape based on the story of E. Seton-Thompson. In 1976, as part of the film almanac "Trainers" in the fourth film wasit tells the story of circus horses, as well as demonstrated “The Most Beautiful Horse”, aimed at a children's audience, and the detective drama “Favorite”. In 1977, the family drama “The Clamp for the Marquis” was released, in 1979 - the “Hippodrome” and the adventure war film “Look for the Wind”.

Significantly added to the Soviet list of films about horses in the 80s: a fairy tale based on the Bashkir legends “The Horseman on a Golden Horse”, the sports drama “The Girl and the Grand”, the melodrama “Fortress”, the detective “Auction”, the family tapes “Smoke” and “ Stay in the saddle ”, drama“ High Blood ”,“ Heiress Nike ”and“ Hobbies ”.

New domestic films about horses

The period of the late 90s and early 2000s was not easy for the cinema. The lack of funding affected not only the amount of footage, but also its quality. Perhaps the best projects in which it was about human values ​​and love for horses was the melodrama Year of the Horse — The Constellation of Scorpio (2004), the military drama Rysak (2005), the melodramatic thriller “When the Gods fell asleep "(2006)," Three-legged mare "(2009)," Sparrow "(2010).

Movies about horses: a complete list of German tapes

movies about horses full list

One of the leaders in the number of films about horses after Hollywood, of course, is Germany. It is not known what exactly this is connected with, but the fact that the pictures of the production of this country are picturesque, colorful, touching and interesting is an absolute fact. Perhaps, it’s worth starting since 1988, when the family adventure tape “Everyone dreams of a horse” (1988) appeared on the screens - the story of friendship between the old horse and the four children of the Kuhlman family, who consider him an ideal friend and only one save him from the butcher.

In 2002, the picture “Wild Horses” was published, in 2005 - the adventure tape “Alina’s Dream” and the drama “Kinship”, in 2007 - the touching melodrama “The Sunny Yard Estate” and the comedy family tape “Hands off Mississippi". In 2014, viewers could see a warm film about friendship, love and animals “Bibi and Tina”.

We should also mention the series of family melodramas widely known outside the country called the East Wind. Without them, a list of films about horses made in Germany would be incomplete. This is a beautiful story about the friendship of a complex teenager Mika and a shrewd horse, whom she managed to tame.Filled with inspiration, warmth and love, the film leaves no one indifferent.

English movie about horses

Great Britain is the birthplace of thoroughbred horses, partly from this film this country can make films about. We offer you some of the most interesting projects:

  • the drama “Run Free” (1969) and “Black Handsome” (1971);
  • The Princess: The Legend of the White Horse romance (1997);
  • Western adventure film “Wing of the Eagle” (1979);
  • adventure film "The King of the Wind" (1990) about the founder of the English thoroughbred horse breed Arab stallion named Sham.

French Horse Movies

horse riding films list

France, which can also present interesting films about horses to the audience’s attention, was not left aside either. List of the best of them:

  • the drama “White Mane” (1953) about the leader of the wild horses Belogrivom and his friend the brave and brave boy Ron;
  • adventure film "Zayna: The Conqueror of the Atlas Mountains" (2005);
  • the melodrama Dance With It (2007);
  • the drama “My Beautiful Star” (2012) about the teenager Louise and her life on her father’s farm surrounded by animals and the beautiful Marquis horse;
  • biographic tape “Japple” (2013) about the Olympic champion in equestrian sport Pierre Duranet (shot from the movie in the photo above).

We also recommend to pay attention to the Danish film “Chasing a Dream” (2013) about the legendary horse named Tarok, which made the whole country famous, and about its owners, the Dutch adventure tape “Penny's Permanent Companion” (2011), the Polish drama “Gallop” (1996), the Swedish melodrama “Klara” (2010).

American movie about horses for the period up to 2000

Russian films about horses list

Hollywood is a factory of not only dreams, but also numerous films about animals in a wide variety of genres: from action films and thrillers to fantasy and comedies. Particular attention is paid to t. H. And horses. However, if we talk about tapes, where they participate as a background or on a secondary background, then in order to list them, you need a lot of time. We only announce the list of films about horses, in which they are the main characters.

The second half of the twentieth century will please the audience with the melodrama "Misty" (1961), a classic Western about the son of the leader of the Indians and his magnificent horse "Piggy foal" (1964), "Black horse" (1979) (1984), drama “Horse for Danny” (1995), “Black Handsome”, based on the book by A. Sewell (1994), children's film “Shorty and Fiery” about the friendship of two girls and their little ponies (1995),the mystical story "Horsemaster" (1998), a comedy about the saying horse "Successful Inheritance" (1998), adventure tape "The Abduction of the Champion" (1999)

Separately, we note Sergei Bodrov’s film “Running Free,” released in 1999, which was shot in the United States. The film tells about an orphan boy and a foal, who was also separated from his mother. Having matured, the horse will go through many adventures and trials before becoming the leader of a herd of wild horses in Namibia who were born free.

American movie about horses in the period since 2000

movies 2016 about horses list

A new milestone in cinema since 2000 has also been presented on a rather large scale: the melodramas “Favorite” and “Born in the Sands” (2003), “Big Risk” (2004), “Dreamer” (2005), “Rezvaya” and “Mundens Alexander” (2007), “Rescue Winston” (2011), the family western “Wild Hearts” about the Bravo Mustang and the adventure tape “Midnight Stallion” (2013).

We also mention the series "My Friend Flick" (1943), which received a rebirth in 2006 and was released in a full-length format called "Flick". This is a story about a girl who dreams of returning her horse, whom her father sold to the race organizer. Two more paintings, which are a continuation, came out in 2010 and 2012.

Discussing films about horse racing, a list of which you will find in the text, we should not forget about the film “Champion” (2010). This is a family film about equestrian sport and an outstanding racehorse named Secretariat, which won the most prestigious races from the Triple Crown series.

In 2011, the drama “War Horse” (shot from the movie in the photo above) appeared on the screens, which became popular and was noted by critics. This is the story of the friendship of Joey the horse and the boy Albert. When the First World War begins, the horse is taken to the front, the young man is not suitable for his age, but unable to live in obscurity, he goes in search of his friend.

There are few films about horses in 2016. The list consists of just one tape - this is Emma's Chance. It is about a girl working on a horse rescue farm. She makes an unusual friendship with a horse named Chance, thanks to which she radically changes her outlook on life.

Documentary serial films about horses

movies about horses list of the best

Documentary projects will help to better understand the nature and character of horses, as well as their role in our life and history. They are also quite a lot, we draw your attention to the television series "Horsetails" (USA, 1996), "Horsemen" (France,2004), Country of Race (Great Britain, 2005), “Horses” (Spain, 2011), English mini-series “How is Living in a Stable” (USA, 2011), “Horse Stories” (Russia, 2013).

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