"Hard Rock Cafe", Moscow, st. Arbat, 44/1: reviews, menu

One of the legends of the restaurant business - "Hard Rock"a cafe". Moscow introduced the first bar of this type in 2003. However, the idea of ​​serving delicious food and entertaining visitors with good music was born long before that date.

A good idea

In 1971 young and talented Americansopened a small institution in British London. Men are so bored at home that they decided - the main direction of their cafes will be food and drinks, popular in the US. However, the highlight of the restaurant was that visitors in the prudish and restrained capital of England could enjoy rock.

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There was a special atmosphere in the hall. Accordingly, every musician and singer who created in this style, in fact was obliged to visit the "Hard Rock Cafe". Moscow, Paris and even Washington could not boast of such an institution. Very soon, the owners realized that their idea was successful. Consequently, in 1985, successful entrepreneurs opened a second restaurant, but not in London, but in New York. This bar also hosted hundreds of guests a day, so the Americans decided to launch a whole network of such establishments.

Conquest of domestic spaces

Now more than 50 countries in the world havemore than 200 cafeterias of this series. Only recently the network reached the CIS countries. Consequently, the Russian capital was the first to open this institution on its territory. "Hard Rock Cafe" on Arbat earned on September 17, 2003. It should be noted that the total area of ​​this institution is the same in size, as in Europe.

For a cult bar looking for a convenient location -right in the center of the capital. Designers and engineers for a very long time decided where to open a restaurant. The choice fell on the old three-story mansion, which is different from other houses with elegance and sophistication. Now such a large and spacious room takes and organizes banquets for more than 500 people.

People come for an exceptional atmosphere. The restaurant is designed in rock and roll style. This is another legend of the "Hard Rock Cafe". Moscow thanks to this bar now also has a kind of museum.

hard rock cafe on the arbat

Rich collection

History tells that the unusual Londonthe institution was visited by famous artists. One of the regular guests was the famous British musician Eric Clapton. The man liked to sit at the same table every time he came. However, often his place was occupied by other guests. Then the composer decided to give the stylish restaurant his old, unsuitable guitar for the concerts. The owners hanged the instrument over Eric's chair. Thus, the man secured a table behind him. Just two weeks after the example of Clapton, another guitarist also mailed his instrument to the beloved institution. After the events of 1979, many years have passed. Today, more than 70 thousand exceptional exhibits are in the "Hard Rock Cafe". Moscow also has something to show guests.

In particular, in the collection of the capital's institutionone of the scenic costumes of the world-famous godfather of the heavy metal Ozzy Osbourne. Visitors can see on the wall a cafe coat of American guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix. Another pride of the restaurant is a letter telling about one of the members of the Sex Pistols - Side Viches.

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Kitchen features

Despite the fact that from the founder and the firstcafe Moscow is thousands of miles away, the institution carefully observe all traditions. In particular, guests are served exclusively American dishes and snacks. Those who wish soup or borsch will be disappointed.

Offers its delicious and hearty dishes on anytaste "Hard Rock Cafe". The menu is versatile. Customers can order light salads, such as "Caesar" or "Cobb", whose price fluctuates around 600 rubles. Delicate garnishes are served: onion rings and garlic toasts. Also the establishment offers a variety of different sandwiches. More often than not, visitors order a sandwich with chicken in honey mustard for 650 rubles.

No less tasty and interesting burgers in the cafe. They are most popular. The basis of one of the dishes is smoked bacon and cheese. This snack is called legendary. The price is about 700 rubles.

hard rock cafe moscow reviews

Nuances of the foreign menu

It is worth noting that the kitchen offers andvegetarian food. Therefore, you can ask for a soya cutlet instead of meat, the price of which is practically the same. Guests note that another big plus is the children's menu. There are original desserts.

However, there is a significant drawback. American cuisine is very unusual. Accordingly, not every Russian organism can immediately perceive strange foreign food. Especially often people do not like the famous and popular in the US steak of various fries.

The menu "Hard Rock Cafe" indicates that suchdelicacies can affect the body in different ways. Some customers say that such information is alarming, others say that they lose their appetite. Often, guests complained of poor health after dinner.

Work of the personnel

Separately, guests praise alcoholic drinks. Usually, customers give positive feedback on the work of the bartender and the quality of cooking. A little has receded from the general rules of the "Hard Rock Cafe" on the Arbat. Prices in Moscow are higher than foreign peers. However, the impression of rest is worth such money - regular visitors are convinced.

The bar menu is much wider. Customers can order both interesting and colorful foreign cocktails, as well as domestic vodka and wine.

Sometimes visitors complain about the quality of work andattitude of staff. However, such comments are extremely rare. Most holidaymakers say that the service here is at the highest level and is not inferior to similar institutions in other countries. In general, the employees are friendly and friendly. Guests note that the waiters can answer any questions without any problems and give useful tips on choosing dishes.

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Comments of visitors

It should be noted that most reviewsleave ordinary people for whom the main theme of the bar is just a successful set. Visitors are enthusiastic about the staff. Some guests state that the employees not only can advise on the menu, but also with patience explain the main characteristics of this musical direction.

Has its regular customers "Hard Rock Cafe"(Moscow). Reviews usually leave the residents of the capital. Many visitors note that the halls are very steep stairs. Girls in high heels, children and drunken customers are hard to overcome such an obstacle.

The main disadvantage of this institution is the lack of own parking. Therefore, the car has to be left far. However, the cafe is located very close to the metro station "Smolenskaya".

A place for a successful holiday

It is especially convenient to hold banquets for visitors withchildren. Customers share the fact that the institution has not only a children's menu, but small tables and chairs. Throughout the banquet, the babysitter is supervised by a professional animator.

Has its own, created specifically for peopleschedule "Hard Rock Cafe". On the Arbat there are constantly crowds of tourists. Therefore, they are particularly pleased that the institution works almost around the clock. On weekdays the restaurant opens at 9 am. However, the staff here serves up to the last customer. On weekends and holidays, you can go to the bar at any time of the day.

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Another advantage is noted by visitors -concert program. On days off here come famous musicians and bands that fascinate visitors with their game. You can reserve tables in advance. Also, clients say that you can visit the performance without ordering seats.

Satisfied guests can buy T-shirts and souvenirs with the logo "Hard Rock Cafe" (Moscow). Address of the institution: Arbat, 44/1.

The fact that this restaurant can be a good and fun time, confirms millions of people from around the world.

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