Heartburn during pregnancy, treatment

Jul 08, 2018

Heartburn during pregnancy, treatment

Sometimes during pregnancy, women begin to suffer heartburn. She appears suddenly in 75% of expectant mothers, even if before they never suffered from it. What's the matter? Let's look at the reasons why heartburn occurs during pregnancy, treatment of this ailment.

Heartburn is manifested by burning in the throat or under the spoon, a sharp acidic taste in the mouth. It usually occurs immediately after eating, especially when lying down. It can last from a few minutes to hours. Most often it happens in the second half of the pregnancy period. Heartburn occurs because the food that the stomach digests, returns back to the esophagus along with stomach acids. Acid irritates the mucous membrane of the esophagus, causing painful sensations.

Causes of Heartburn in Pregnant Women. Why pregnant women suffer from heartburn?

The main cause of the disorder in this case are the hormonal changes in the body of a woman. Esophagus from the stomach separates the sphincter - a kind of muscle that, during the normal operation of the digestive system, prevents the return of food back. But in pregnant women the level of a hormone called progesterone increases - it relaxes the whole body smooth muscles. This is necessary to reduce the excitability of the uterus with the inside of the embryo. However, along with the uterus, other organs with smooth muscles, in particular, the sphincter, also relax.

Also with the course of pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger and strains the intestine, diaphragm and stomach. In addition, because of hormonal changes, the acid content in the gastric juice increases, which increases the burning sensation. Many women during pregnancy because of heartburn suffer even insomnia.

Fortunately, during pregnancy and fetal health itself, this unpleasant upset stomach does not affect. There are many ways to ease the pain caused by heartburn. Even if they do not cure heartburn completely, do not get upset - in the last month of pregnancy heartburn, as a rule, recedes in most expectant mothers. This is because during this period, the level of progesterone in the body begins to decline, because the uterus is time to prepare for birth pains. A belly with the lowering of the head of the fetus begins to shift downward, and excessive pressure on the stomach passes. And of course, after the birth of the child, heartburn should completely disappear.

Heartburn: treatment during pregnancy.

To relieve pain during heartburn, it is advisable not to take antispasmodics, because they further relax the muscles of the internal organs. If you still need such medications, be sure to tell your doctor that you are suffering from heartburn, and try to find other drugs together with him.

Because one of the causes of heartburn is deformity of the stomach, make sure that it does not experience any additional pressure. Do not wear things that squeeze the stomach and waist. Avoid inclines - instead, it's better to crouch, bending your knees. After eating, stay on your feet for at least half an hour, because in the lying position, acids from the stomach can get back into the esophagus, causing an attack of heartburn.

Some physicians believe that heartburn during pregnancy is a sign that the body is tearing away food that can damage the developing fetus. Observations confirm that heartburn intensifies after eating foods that require more acid than normal for digestion. Therefore, if you are tormented by a burning sensation in the esophagus, refuse to use acid and carbonated drinks, coffee, spicy, pickled dishes and spices. It is also not recommended to eat sour vegetables( especially tomatoes), berries and fruits, and sour-milk products. The exception is hard cheese. Individual reactions can be on the following products: fresh bread and any products on yeast;fried food;Too hot or very cold food;Fatty fish and meat;Hard-boiled eggs. Observe if these foods cause heartburn or not. Try also not to eat too much before going to bed, when the stomach will be in a horizontal position for too long.

Burning in the stomach during pregnancy: treatment with medications.

For any medication to treat heartburn, be sure to consult a doctor who will choose you safe products with enveloping and astringent properties.

Caution is necessary to take antacids. Their action is that they neutralize the acid. But since the acidity of the gastric juice is different for all, it is possible to determine the dosage only after special tests. So it's safer to just stick to the diet.

Nutrition for pregnant women with heartburn.

You can switch to fractional power. This means that you need to take food in small portions, but often - five to seven times a day, the last time - three to four hours before bedtime.

You can drink a little milk during the day. Specialists in aromatherapy recommend adding a drop of essential oil fennel - necessarily natural, in no case synthetic. Enveloping and soothing effect for the stomach have various kissels. With the same purpose in small volumes you can drink fresh potato juice.

According to the observations of the pregnant women themselves, the pain of heartburn is weakened if you chew grated carrots, forest or almonds, oat flakes. Ginger, powder from it or finely chopped fresh root also helps.

For heartburn attacks, sleep on your back, place your pillows under the upper body to lift it up. Note that when you lie on your side, different sides of the stomach ache differently, as it is under different pressure.

And of course, the main principle for all expectant mothers: the less stress and frustration, and more rest and rest, the less you will be tormented by heartburn and other disorders of the body.

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