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I love the smell of my LENOR conditioner, it's a divine, very pleasant and delicious smell of a conditioner for linen: Lenor "Summer Day", help me find the same smell of perfume, I'm tired of sniffing my things. Below is a photo rinse.
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Answered 21 June 2017 15:38
I read that it smells like floral scents and freshness. If you like this smell on linen, it’s not a fact that such perfume will suit you - if you. Of course, you plan to use them for their intended purpose, rather than keeping them on the shelf for periodic enjoyment of the scent. Consider also the difference in composition: a rinse is a household chemical, which is created on its own specific basis, but perfume has a completely different one. Although there, and there is chemistry, but the difference between them is big. You also need to remember that different spirits differently "sound" on different women - the smell may like both, and fit one. As for the composition, I haven’t met such perfumes, but with your keen sense of smell you try to recognize what the fragrance from Lenore looks like, what kind of flower it can smell.And then just look for a perfume with this fragrance plus freshness.

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