Hotel King Charles 4 * (Prague, Czech Republic): photos and description, service, tourist reviews

When going on business or leisure to Prague, the question of which hotel to choose to stay will certainly arise. In our article we want to talk about one of the four-star hotels in the city - King Charles 4 *. Prague is an amazingly beautiful city. Its hotels are no less interesting and colorful. The complex offered by us is located in a unique and unique place, at the foot of the ancient fortress Vysehrad.

A little about the hotel ...

Any tourist seeks to settle on vacation as close as possible to their ultimate goal. If everyone is trying to stay at the seaside resort by the sea, then in Prague you should look for a hotel closer to the historic center. As such an institution, we can recommend King Charles 4 *. Near the hotel there is a metro station and various sights, and the center can be reached in just a couple of minutes. In the walls of the hotel guests expect a cozy atmosphere.The hotel is ideal for a stay during a tourist trip.

King charles 4

The hotel is located in a historic building that was built in 1936. And in 2006 there was a major overhaul. The convenient location of the institution makes it possible to reach the Ruzyne airport in 20 minutes.

Number of rooms

King Charles 4 * offers its guests accommodation in superior double apartments with single and double beds. Also in the hotel there are small double rooms located in the attic. In total, the hotel has 33 rooms.

All the apartments of the complex are decorated in Baroque style and furnished with antique furniture. Rooms are equipped with tea sets, satellite TV, ironing facilities, work area with desk. Windows overlook the city. When creating a unique interior rooms were used mahogany for floors and marble for bathrooms.

King charles boutique residence 4

In addition to standard and superior apartments, the hotel has bridal suites. For tourists with children is provided a cot. In the design of the standards used brocade curtains, refined furniture and classic carpets.


For guests of King Charles 4 * every morning a rich buffet breakfast is served. Traditionally, the chef offers visitors the best Czech cuisine. The hotel has a bar, whose visitors have the opportunity to indulge in drinks and coffee.

Hotel infrastructure

King Charles 4 * (Prague) provides its guests the opportunity to use wireless Internet. The hotel has a small shop, parking is available. Reception is open around the clock. And the staff at the tour desk can pick up interesting tours. The hotel can book a transfer, book tickets and exchange currency.

Reviews about the location of the hotel

Continuing the review of King Charles Boutique Residence 4 *, I would like to draw attention to the reviews of tourists who have visited it. It is their opinion that will allow us to make a more realistic picture. According to tourists, the hotel really has a good location. Next to King Charles Boutique 4 * is the famous Vysehrad fortress, a supermarket and restaurants. A hundred meters from the building there is a bus stop. On any transport in a couple of minutes you will reach the very center. Nearby is the metro station, from which you can quickly get to any point of Prague.

If you come to the city for sightseeing, then you should go to the historic center, where the most interesting places are concentrated. A walk takes about 25 minutes at a leisurely pace. Tourists mark the very favorable location of the hotel. On the one hand, it is located in a quiet area, and on the other, the famous fortress is located nearby, which every tourist should visit. Visiting Prague and not visiting Vysehrad is an unforgivable act. From its viewing platforms offers stunning views of the city.

King charles boutique residence praha 4

Near King Charles Boutique Residence (Praha) passes the railway. But the special noise from her does not reach through the closed windows, so her presence does not cause inconvenience.

Reviews of the number fund

The entire room stock of King Charles (Czech Republic), as well as the interiors of public places are made in the style of imitation semi-antique. The furniture is not old, but simply aged to get a certain style, which gives the institution a certain charm.

Most of the hotel rooms are quite spacious. Small rooms are located only in the attic. The furniture in the rooms is of high quality, with soft mattresses, nice blankets and new linens.Ironing facilities and tea sets are also available. The rooms are lit enough, the number of lamps is enough to make you feel comfortable. Some hotels save on lighting so much that in the evenings twilight reigns in the rooms, which is completely inconvenient. In King Charles 4 * (Czech Republic, Prague) there is no such problem.

Rooms have TVs, hair dryers and safes. In the cold season there is heating in the rooms. The apartments are equipped with air conditioning, which is very necessary in the summer, when the weather is hot. Some tourists have complaints about the poor performance of air conditioners, which mediocre cool rooms.

King charles boutique 4

Bathrooms in different rooms are equipped differently. In some there is a shower, and in others just a curtain and a shower, so you should take with you rubber slippers. The plumbing itself is not new and in some rooms needs to be replaced. The bathroom has dispensers for detergents. They are replenished as needed. Towels, cotton swabs, swimming caps, toilet paper and a hairdryer are also present. By the way, towels are changed daily if they are thrown on the floor. But the bed linen is changed once every three days.

In the hallway there is a shelf for shoes and a mirror. According to the guests, the rooms are very comfortable and functional. Even in the smallest rooms there is everything you need to relax. Cleaning is done daily. Maids take out the trash, make the bed and do wet cleaning. But to fill up the contents of the mini-bar is sometimes forgotten. But it is not so important. For any reminder all bring.


When booking an apartment in King Charles 4 * (Prague, Prague), you should be aware of the fact that breakfast includes buffet meals in the price. According to guest reviews, the food in the morning is very tasty and satisfying. On the table there are always salads, scrambled eggs, cheeses, bacon and eggs, vegetables, pates, snacks and more. And for dessert, you can take fruit, puddings and pastries. There is also a pastry, tea, coffee, three types of juice. In general, breakfasts are characterized from the best side. A morning visit to the restaurant is the best start to the day.

King charles 4 Czech Republic

For lunch and dinner you can also order food in the restaurant, leaving a preliminary application at the reception. If you plan to spend the whole day in the city, seeing the sights, it is more logical to eat in any cafe or restaurant, which in Prague is an incredible amount.Also close to the hotel there is a wonderful place where you can have a very good evening after long walks.

General impression of the hotel

According to reviews, King Charles 4 * in Prague is recommended for tourists who are planning a trip to this wonderful city. The hotel has a lot of advantages. A small quiet institution will provide you with quality rest after a busy day. Tourists celebrate good service in the institution. The hotel staff willingly makes contact and makes every effort to please their customers. It is very important that most of the workers speak Russian, so you can explain even in the absence of knowledge of languages. Reception is open around the clock. A small drawback is that the settlement at the hotel takes place at three o'clock in the afternoon, and the eviction at 12.00. On the day of arrival, it is actually lost all day, especially if you arrive early in Prague.

King charles 4 Czech Republic Prague

According to tourists, the hotel is an ideal option in its category. Value for money is quite justified.

Minor bugs

Of course, the institution has its own small flaws, but they are not so significant as to affect the quality of the rest. The rooms declared slippers and bathrobes.When settling them in the bathroom there, which surprises tourists. In order to receive these items, it is enough to apply at the reception or tell the maid. The staff responds instantly to the requests of their guests. Also, tourists note some shortcomings in the work of plumbing and air conditioning. But in general, the hotel deserves the attention of tourists. If you are planning a tourist trip to Prague, then the institution may well be considered as a place to stay. For the night you can restrict and standard. If you want a more spacious room, then book the superior apartment. All birthday people and newlyweds upon arrival in the room will receive a compliment from the restaurant in the form of a bottle of champagne.

Leisure and entertainment

Visiting Prague, you simply must see all its attractions. And there are incredibly many of them in a stunningly beautiful city. If you are not yet oriented in Prague, you should contact the reception staff, they will tell you where to go first. To explore the city does not necessarily order excursions. Not far from the hotel there is a bus stop, tram and metro station. Therefore, you can easily get to any place on your own.Moreover, the center is very close.

A tour of the city should start with a tour of Vyšehrad, which is located near the hotel. The fortress deservedly can be called one of the main attractions of the city. It is located on the top of a hill, on the banks of the Vltava. Vysehrad at one time became the habitat of the first Czech princes. The fortress was built in the tenth century, and at the beginning of the twelfth - the princes Přemyslovichi settled here. It was during this period that the Church of St. Peter and Paul and the Romanesque Stone Palace appeared in Vyshegrad.

King charles 4 prague reviews

All Prague guests sooner or later arrive at the main square. Wenceslas Square is no less loved by locals than tourists. She alone is a landmark. In addition, in this area there are still many interesting places that are interesting for travelers. On the square are all kinds of holidays and folk festivals.

Interesting sights

One of the symbols of the city is the Charles Bridge. The ancient structure has seen a lot in its lifetime and remembers the clatter of horseshoes of knightly horses on its pavement. Currently, the bridge connects two districts of the city - Mala Strana and Old Place. It is decorated with sculptures and towers.There are many legends about the bridge, its entire history is shrouded in an aura of mysticism.

Tourists recommend visiting the Krizik fountains. Locals call singing, although, probably, it would be better to say the dancers. The first fountain complex appeared here a long time ago, in 1891. In those days, it was only illuminated by light bulbs. After a hundred years, all the fountains have been completely re-equipped and now everyone can enjoy the stunning spectacle. And in 2000, a water screen was installed, through which bright video broadcasts are carried out.

The complex consists of several fountains, the water from which is discharged into a single pool. In the middle of the reservoir there is a stage where artists perform. The musical repertoire of the fountain is quite wide, so here you can hear not only rock songs, but also Tchaikovsky’s music.

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