How in "Samp" throw out of the car other players?

As everyone knows, the games of the "GTA"famous for the abundance of various cars. Moreover, you can freely abduct them, steal them, and also throw the driver away from the steering wheel directly on the road. If you do this quietly and unnoticed, then there will be no consequences for you, but if you suddenly decide to do it in the middle of a crowded street, then, naturally, the policemen will immediately follow you. However, it should immediately be noted that in GTA: Samp - the multi-user version of GTA: San Andreas - with theft of cars, everything is a bit more complicated. Therefore, on the question of how to kick out other players from the car, it is worthwhile to concentrate special attention. Because if you are going to do similar things, you will have to learn much more possibilities of the game than in single mode.

Theft of the machine

as in a sledge drive out of the car

So, you already have an idea of ​​whatare games of the "GTA" series. However, before deciding how to "Samp" throw out of the car other players, you need to clarify some of the basic points. In the single-player mode, everything happens quite simply - you just need to run to the machine you like and press Enter (or another key on which you have this action assigned). Your character will immediately determine that you want to decorate exactly the car next to which it stands, will open the door and throw out the driver, if it is inside. Of course, you need to consider some points - for example, you can throw out the driver, sitting on the passenger side, but if this door is locked by something, then your character will not make the safest run right in front of the car's hood, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. But if you want to know how to kick a driver or passenger out of the car in Sampa, then you will have to take into account many more factors.

Throw a player out of his car

team gta samp

For a single game, this action is notinherent, but for the multiplayer mode, it can be very useful to you. If you want to learn how to kick players out of the car, if you yourself are driving, then you need to enter a full-fledged Eject console command. Only then you can get rid of the passenger, which you obviously did not like. However, note that in "Samp" almost all your actions will create certain consequences, for which you will have to answer. And if you do not have special reasons to throw a player out of the car, it's better not to use such teams "GTA: Samp".

Throw a player out of someone else's car

Samp game

Much more common is the case inwhich you need to throw out another player from someone else's car to take his place. The popularity of this action is confirmed by the fact that you do not need to use the special commands "GTA: Samp" for this - just press the G button. Just keep in mind that you, naturally, will again have questions about the reason for such actions. And in this case there are quite a few legal explanations for what you are doing. So you should understand that your actions can lead you straight to prison. The game "Samp" attracts the participants with its realism. If in a single version of "GTA" you can create any lawlessness, and then simply hide from the cops, change clothes, repaint the car - and there will be no consequences for you, then you will have to be responsible for everything that you do.

Hacking an empty machine

gta samp

Naturally, you have a great opportunity not tojust steal the car, but also do it without consequences. Of course, this will not be so easy, because in "Samp" all the same, all actions are monitored, so to hide the theft of the car will be very difficult. However, GTA: Samp is just a game in which you can find your loopholes. Let's say you like a car that is locked up. In most cases, you absolutely can not do anything. But if your character belongs to the class of auto-hijackers (you have to choose your class before the game starts), then he will be able to steal similar cars. Naturally, if for such an action everyone was instantly put in jail, no one would add this class to the game, so you can use this ability if you have a desire.

An Unusual Chip

The topic was not handled without anyfeatures caused by bugs. The most interesting of them is the way to kill the driver. As you already know, to sit on the driver's seat, you need to hold down the Shift key. But if you try to do this from the side of the passenger seat, and the driver will sit behind the wheel, he will be thrown out of the car and he will die. Naturally, no one tries to use this bug in the roleplaying, but to know about its existence in any case is worth it - not necessarily to use it, you can, for example, avoid such a situation if an unfamiliar player approaches you, which may turn out to be a griefer.

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