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Today be fit, cheerful and beautifulis necessary. Young people again go to the gym, many start running in the morning. This is a great trend, and it must be supported. But today the topic of our article is slightly different. Not everyone can afford to go to the gym, and the untrained body does not stand up to running, especially if there is a certain amount of excess kilograms. An alternative is simple walking. Today we want to detail how many calories burned walking. Answering this question, you can build a balanced diet to enhance the effect.

how many calories burns walking

Walking or running?

Many will say with certainty that the secondmore effective. On the one hand, they are right, since running much faster will disperse metabolic processes, and also activates fat burning. And now imagine that a man does not have five, but twenty-five extra pounds. Is it easy for him to run? Of course not. That's why we decided today to dispel myths and tell how many calories burned walking.

If we compare these two sportsload, then running is a more serious test for the body. That is, it is advisable to consult a doctor before leaving for the band. Fast walking, on the contrary, does not hurt, but will only adjust the work of the heart and lungs and make the figure more elegant. This is the most environmentally friendly kind of sports activities. We can go about a dozen kilometers a day and do not even notice it. Fatigue appears only with intense walking, or when it is performed without preparation.

calorie counter

How to calculate the consumption of "fuel"?

Like the machine, the body has certaincosts for internal biological processes. The more intensive the load, the higher the consumption. You can give a ballpark figure, how many calories are burned walking. One hour walk can burn 200 to 300 calories. But do not take this figure as an axiom. On the impact of walking will influence your age and health status, initial weight, metabolism and long walks. In addition, the diet is very important. Eating will be a key factor if you want to lose weight. Crisps and cakes give as much calories as not to burn, even when walking the whole day.


External conditions

Talking about how many calories burns walking,It should be noted that this also depends on the terrain on which it is to move. If you walk comfortably on a flat, asphalt road, you will lose much less calories than if you walk through a forest with a hilly relief. And to walk more effectively, take an active dog with you. Then the costs for the same time will grow several times.

Exact numbers

Walking on foot is an ideal way for those whoonly set foot on the path of health. At this moment, loading yourself over and above physical measures is not worth it, because the risk is high. But go for a walk is very useful, especially when the whole family sits down to have supper. How do you calculate how much you will spend on calories? We will give you the most accurate formulas, using which you will understand exactly what your walk will lead to.

  • Walking on a flat road. On average, the speed in this case can be 4 km / h. It's not too fast and tiring, but tangible. So, per hour you spend 3.2 Kcal per kilogram of weight. If your weight is 100 kg, then the consumption will be 320 kcal. With one ice cream, you will more than compensate for the loss, so watch your food.
  • Let's see how it affects the beauty of the figurefast walk. How many people burn calories if its speed is 4.5 km / h.? The results are already more interesting - 4.5 kcal per kilogram. If you increase the speed to 8 km / h, then it will be 10 Kcal per kilogram.
  • Quiet walking uphill also increases costs - at a speed of 2 km / h you will lose 6.6 kcal / kg of weight.
  • Walking in nature (through the forest, the sea coast, sand) allows you to spend about 6.4 Kcal per kilogram.

fast walking how much burns calories

How to calculate your own speed?

In this there is nothing complicated: knowing a simple formula, you can always calculate your speed. This will help to turn into something more real abstract concept of "fast walking". How many calories you burn, it is easy to estimate, if you count the number of steps. If you go at a speed of 3 km per hour, then in one minute you make 50 steps. The speed of 4.5 km / h will allow you to make 75 steps per minute, and 6 km per hour - it's 100 steps per minute. That is, if you do 125 steps per minute, you can fully expect to lose 10 Kcal per kilogram of weight. This is an impressive figure, considering that not every training in the gym will give you such a result.

For what it is necessary to consider?

Knowing that gives 1 hour of walking, how many burnscalories is such a simple exercise, you will stop looking for excuses not to go to the gym. Do not need to search for this time and money - just go out into the yard and perform simple movements. Knowing the above formulas, you can easily count the walking time to create a negative balance of energy. In principle, you can determine speed by eye. If you go for a walk, then your speed is 3-4 km per hour. The average walking pace is already 5 km per hour.

how many calories burn 1 km of walking

Fundamental rules

They need to be observed scrupulously. Even knowing how many calories burn 1 km of walking, we will severely limit this result and reduce the effect by no stopping the walk after 30-40 minutes.

  • Walking must necessarily last at least an hour. In the first 40 minutes, the energy will be consumed from the carbohydrate stores, which have not yet passed into fat.
  • Food should also correspond to a certaingraphics. It is best to go out for a walk a few hours after you have eaten. But after a walk, it is more expedient to refrain from eating. In extreme cases, allow yourself a slight snack. A full meal should not be earlier than 2 hours after training, and in this case after a walk.

1 hour of walking how many calories burn

Some tricks of walking

Thus, we have already found out what is most importantuse makes intensive walking. How many calories burn this exercise is also understandable, now you can calculate the load you need. However, there are secrets in this matter, which is very important for everyone who wants to effectively reduce weight.

  • The less you weigh, the less will be the loss, this applies to children, so they can run as long as they want, but they do not face exhaustion.
  • The higher the person, the more he will consume calories. This is easy to explain: the fact is that a tall person takes more steps than a short one.
  • The longer the walk, the better the result, so try to allocate it for at least an hour.
  • To burn more calories, it is better to climbup. And you do not need to look for a mountain and a hill for yourself. It is enough to climb up to the 9th floor, then go down the elevator and do everything again. When you move up, you will lose 1,300 Kcal per hour. A great figure, and the gym will be less effective in this respect.

intensive walking how much burns calories

Begin workouts

If you are imbued with the idea of ​​starting to walk, then inFirst of all, you need to remember that this is a serious physical load, to which you must necessarily prepare. That is, in the first place, you need to do a warm-up, so as not to injure yourself. The first training should not exceed 25 minutes. Gradually, the load can be increased, but be sure to focus on your health. If you feel pain, there is severe shortness of breath, dizziness, then you need to stop the session and consult a doctor.

Counting the diet

This is the second important issue that needs to be addressed.consider before you go in for sports. What do you want to spend calories for? Probably to lose weight, that is, to reduce the fatty layer. Therefore, a calorie counter will be simply necessary. This is an ordinary notebook or a special program, in which you contribute everything you ate for the day. The average rate per day is 1800-2000 kcal. To reduce weight, you need to create a calorie deficit.

This is exactly what walking does. If you consume 1,800 kcal, and burned 500 calories per hour, you will steadily reduce your weight, by reducing fat stores. If the consumption of calories is 2,500 Kcal per day, then walking will allow you to keep a stable weight, that is, do not get better. And in the case of eating fatty and sweet food, when the caloric intake of the diet is 3,000 Kcal and above, you will steadily gain weight, despite walking. A calorie counter helps you evaluate your diet. In this case, it is recommended to simply enter your real data for a week. After that, build a schedule, evaluate the results and rebuild your diet in such a way as to leave more useful and less high-calorie food.

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