How many calories in beef are boiled, fried?

Meat products are present on our tablealmost daily. Exceptions are people who adhere to vegetarianism or are forced to abandon certain types of meat due to health problems. From time immemorial, meat was used to make broths and full dishes, was revered as a storehouse of vitamins and a pledge of many calories in beef

Most often, of course, on our tablesthere is beef and pork. To the question: "How many calories in beef?" Many nutritionists respond, that same as in pork. But the chemical composition, a set of vitamins and minerals that make up the beef, are significantly different from pork. She is recommended to give preference to doctors and nutritionists.

Let's figure out how to cook beef toreduce calorie content. Let's talk about how many calories in the beef are boiled, stewed or cooked in another way. Define the main advantages of this type of meat.

Is there an exact figure?

To say unequivocally how many calories in beef,no one will be able to. It is possible to deduce only the averaged figure, which will depend on the type of meat, the age of the cattle, the method of preparation, and many other factors. If we talk about the average, experts call a figure of 197 calories per hundred grams of the product. And more than sixty percent is for fats, the rest is many calories in beef

We have already compared this type of meat with pork tocaloric value. What is the difference? In beef, the percentage of fats is much lower. In pork, they will be ten to fifteen percent more for the same caloric content of the product. Of course, beef can not be placed next to a chicken or turkey meat. But when compared with pork, the load on the pancreas and liver will be significantly lower.

Beneficial features

Of course, knowing how many calories in beef,many losing weight refuse this kind of meat, preferring a turkey or chicken. But if you want to lose weight without harm to health, then you simply need beef in the diet. After all, it is this type of meat that "be prescribed" to all those who suffer from low immunity (and on the diet, it "gives up" very much) and iron deficiency.

Periodic use of beef will ensure yourthe body with a sufficient dose of iron and copper, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the hematopoietic system. For example, a liver or tender tenderloin is a dietary beef. How many calories are in 100 grams? Only 125. And benefit the body bring such food, and the figure is not affected in any way.

Boiled beef

Undoubtedly, the most useful and low-calorie is boiled beef. Let's understand how many calories in boiled beef and how to cook it correctly.

Even if you take a more fatty part, allequally when cooking, the calorie content will drop dramatically. Specialists, dieticians even advise cooking beef in two waters. In this case, the calories will be even less. For example, the calories of the brisket will be 215 calories per hundred grams. If you cook, say, a language, you will get a little more - 231 calories. The low-calorie portions are the heart and the tenderloin. The boiled heart will "pull" at 98 kilocalories, but the cooked tender tenderloin cooked in two waters will "weigh" only 95 calories. If you include a piece of such meat in your diet, then you will not suffer from remorse, the scales will not show any increase, and the body will say "thank you".how many calories in boiled beef

It should be noted that boiled beef is not usefulOnly with problems with obesity or hematopoiesis. It is recommended for women who suffer from such a problem as dry skin, poor hair or nails. Thanks to the content of potassium, phosphorus and folic acid, beef is an excellent tool for combating cancer, cardiovascular problems and diseases of the osseous system.

Beef stew

We will move on a caloric "ladder" from the mostdietary methods of cooking beef to the most undesirable for losing weight. The middle here is extinguishing. This method is used in cases where boiled meat already, as they say, pall and want something different.

Certainly, the dishes with braised beef will havealready high caloric content by adding other foods to the dish. How many calories are boiled in beef? If you take the heart, then 95. And how many calories will there be if the same heart is extinguished with vegetables? Already 125 calories per hundred grams. Do you see the difference? And the more there is the calorie content of foreign products added to the dish, the more will be the total calorie many calories in boiled beef

But there is a plus in extinguishing. If just a piece of boiled meat, as they say, not everyone can eat on dry land, then a full-fledged meat stew is quite. Try to choose low-calorie additives to beef. For example, a very tasty and satisfying dish will be if you extinguish beef with mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers. Without a side dish, this dish is about 121 kilocalories.

Fried Beef

This kind of cooking meat is not recommendedlosing weight and people who suffer from problems with the stomach or heart muscle. Fried in oil and without that enough fatty beef only will harm a figure and an organism as a whole. Note that during frying, most of those beneficial substances that would have a beneficial effect on your body "disappear".how many calories in fried beef

How many calories are in fried beef? And let's not just call the figure, but for comparison, let's recall the boiled variant. In a properly selected piece (that is, in a tender tenderloin, tongue or heart) of boiled meat, as we have already said, 95 kilocalories per hundred grams will be. Now, attention! A hundred grams of fried beef contains 384 calories. Imagine the difference.

Caloric content of different parts of the carcass

We have already mentioned that, depending on theparts of the carcass will vary and caloric content of beef. Here are some examples to make it easier for you to choose the part that is more suitable for a proper dinner. beef how many calories in 100 grams

  • The most low-calorie will be the heart, kidneys and tender fillets - from 77 to 95 calories.
  • The liver is 98.
  • Breast - 110-125.
  • Shoulder pulp without fatty layer - 195.
  • Shoulder part - 208.
  • Circumference, costal part - 380.
  • Breast with fatty layer - 405.
  • The most caloric are the ribs loved by many - 446.

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