How to arrange a business trip?

Business trips are an integral part of the activities of various enterprises and organizations. In this connection, many questions arise concerning this topic both among the dispatched workers themselves and the employers, on whose initiative travels are most often planned.

This article will help to understand the details of this issue, tell you how to arrange a business trip and what points you need to take into account.

What is a business trip?

A business trip is a business trip by a written order of the employer for a specific period, the purpose of which is to perform official duties outside the workplace. If an employee of a structural unit (separate branch) located in another settlement goes to the central office or vice versa, this is considered a business trip and you should think about how to arrange a business trip correctly.

Some categories of employees (freight forwarders, couriers, drivers, etc.) carry out their service activities on the road or their work involves long-distance movements. Such trips are not business trips.But this does not mean that these employees do not enjoy the right to reimbursement of expenses related to working trips. They are reimbursed:

  • travel expenses;
  • housing costs;
  • living expenses (daily allowance, rations, etc.);
  • other expenses of the employee with the knowledge of the employer.

Sending an employee to a business trip

Only employees who are on the staff of the organization and have an employment relationship with the employer are sent on business trips. The Labor Code of the Russian Federation stipulates that an employer should not send on a business trip:

  • underage workers (with the exception of athletes, as well as creative workers of the media and cultural institutions);
  • pregnant women;
  • employees working under the apprenticeship contract (if the trip is not related to their apprenticeship).

Some categories of employees can be sent on a business trip only with their written consent. This must be considered before you make a trip. These include:

  • mothers, as well as fathers who raise a child under 5 years old without a spouse;
  • women with a young child up to 3 years;
  • workers whose sick family members need care (with a medical certificate);
  • workers who have disabled children.

Usually the term of a business trip is determined by the employer, taking into account the complexity and volume of the service task. At the same time, such factors as long holidays, when it is economically unprofitable for the employer to find an employee on a business trip, can influence the term of a business trip.

The calendar number of departure for a business trip according to regulatory documents is the day of departure of transport, and not from the place of residence, but from the place of work of the seconded employee.

If the transport departs before 24-00 (inclusive), then the current day is the day of departure, and from midnight and later - the next day.

Documentation of travel

In order to avoid all sorts of misunderstandings and undesirable consequences, before going on a business trip, you should familiarize yourself with the relevant legal documents and find out how to arrange a trip correctly.

The main document for the design of the trip is a service task.It is compiled by the immediate superior of the employee who is sent on a business trip. This service task contains:

  • information about the employee (full name, position);
  • the name of the organization and department in which it works;
  • purpose, date and place of business trip;
  • source of funding business trip.

On the basis of this official task, the management issues an order to send this employee on a business trip. After that, the employee receives a travel permit.

Upon returning from a trip, the employee must, no later than a three-day period, must submit an advance report on the expenditure of funds with attached supporting documents (travel tickets, bills for accommodation, etc.). If he spent the money less than he received, the employer has the right to recover this difference. However, he can do this, having received the written consent of the employee and having documented everything.

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