How to become special?

Imagine this situation: two people met, liked each other and decided to become a couple. At the beginning of the relationship everything is great, because they are so interesting together! But gradually, the girl and the guy get used to each other, the relationship loses its former urgency and novelty, feelings can become dull. The worst option - in the relationship comes boredom, and partners are increasingly looking at others. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to maintain the interest of the partner to yourself, to become an exceptional person for him. Today we will consider this question from the side of the girl, let's talk about how to become special for him.

How to become the one and only

Unpredictability gives newness

Very often, the cause of boredom in relationships is predictability. When a guy has studied you well, he knows how you will behave in this or that situation, what do you say, etc. Learn to be different! Today, you can play around a little (not go too far), tomorrow - to be caring and tolerant, the day after tomorrow - to show your infinite love, another day - to be a little detached and busy.It is important not to make drastic changes in mood and behavior, otherwise you will seem to him windy and inconstant, but they do not trust such girls. The secret is not to play different roles, forcibly trying to portray something from oneself, but simply to show different facets of one’s character and temperament, but this is easy to do, naturally and without brute force.

Pursuit of the ideal

So that a man doesn’t have a desire to look for someone on the side, and if you seriously want to be unique and special for him, strive for the ideal in everything: be economic in the kitchen, uncool in bed (but be sure to convince him that which only with him), a good friend and adviser in life.

5 important points for men

Men do not need much to be happy with a woman. This is both for us and for us, but in the case of men, everything can be reduced to five points: support, loyalty, sex, comfort, interest.

  • Support is expressed in the fact that you are always and in everything for your man, ready to help him, sincerely admire him.
  • The loyalty of a woman is the pride of her man, everyone dreams of a devoted woman, wants to feel unique.
  • Sex - the sexuality of the girl is connected with this line (one should strive for external beauty and internal sexuality) Of course, both of you should be good at sex, because as long as the passion in relationships is alive, the relationships themselves are alive.
  • Comfort - this aspect includes convenience, comfort and safety. It is cozy and good in your house, he likes to return home, he also firmly believes in you, he knows that you will always be there (however, in connection with the first item, this rule sometimes needs to be broken in order to kindle interest!).
  • Interest - a girl manifests herself in a relationship as a person, she is a good interlocutor, knows how to present herself in society, etc. Her man is not ashamed of her, he is proud of her.

These are the main points that will help you to become special for him.

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