How to brew coffee in the Turk? Coffee in the Turk - recipes, photos

Exquisite aroma, amazing taste of freshly brewed coffee - what could be better in the morning? It not only serves to awaken, but is also well accompanied in conversations, disputes, and conflict resolution. And delicious brewed coffee is a sign of excellence. Which coffee tastes better? How to brew it in the Turk to make it tasty? This will be discussed in the article.

How to brew coffee in the Turk


Turk is an integral part of the coffee brewing tradition. Many ask how to make coffee in the Turk. This vessel helps to reveal the whole delicacy of this charming drink. The vessel must be conical. Turks of good quality have thick walls, and the bottom is two to three times wider than the throat. The narrowed and high neck of the Turks allows the foam that has risen to clog the aroma and taste in this vessel and not let it evaporate. We make coffee in the Turk correctly, considering the required volume based on the number of people. For proper preparation, it is better to have several Turks of different sizes.The handle in the vessel should be long with a certain angle, which does not allow it to be singed on the fire. Many prefer wood because, if used properly, it is considered the best material for this purpose. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the place of attachment. It is very convenient when the handle is removed, it allows you to save a wooden handle from humidity drops longer.

Types of Turks

There are three types of Turks, which can be used in the preparation of coffee: metal (made of copper, stainless steel and bronze), clay and ceramic. We can immediately say one thing: a stainless steel Turku can be recommended to you by people who absolutely do not understand coffee making. Metal distorts taste very strongly when brewing, so put it off until bad times. A bronze and copper vessel must necessarily be covered inside with food tin to prevent poisoning of the body with these metals. Clay Turk is one of the cheapest options. Clay has a peculiarity to absorb the aroma of cooked drinks. How to make coffee in turka, made of clay? If you have a clay Turk, then it should serve only for one type of drink. When handling you need to be careful.When cooking in an earthen vessel, it is necessary to exclude sharp jumps in temperature, the vessel may burst. Ceramic Turk is recognized as the most expensive and durable. When cooking it needs a certain skill. Ceramics holds the temperature well, so when removed from the fire for some time the drink continues to boil and rise.

How to make coffee in the Turk


There are main types of coffee: Liberica, Arabica, Robusto. Liberica is known for all the strong bitter taste. Use it only in a mixture to obtain a rich, strong, slightly bitter taste. Arabica has a soft, delicate, pleasant aroma. This type contains a minimum of caffeine. Robusto is stronger than Arabica and has a more pronounced flavor. But it is not used in its pure form. But these two varieties are known to many fans of this wonderful drink, who know for sure how to brew ground coffee.

Which coffee tastes better

Roasting grains

Roasting has a very important role. It is moderate, weak and maximal. With strong roasting the product has a pronounced and bitter taste. Which coffee tastes better, determine for yourself by trying each roast.

Grain grinding

Grinding for brewing in the Turk by all the rules should be like dust. If the grinding is larger, then there will be an unpleasant aftertaste and, possibly, large particles will not all settle to the bottom, respectively, they will fall into your mouth. How to brew ground coffee, sold in stores? The problem with selling ground beverage is that when opening a pack, the aroma quickly disappears. But if you grind grains at home, the coffee is obtained with a much richer aroma and bright taste. If you do not want to spend money on a coffee grinder, then you can buy coffee in a vacuum or in a bank, but not necessarily factory packaging. The label usually indicates the percentage composition of the mixture, and if the coffee goes along with the filler, then its name will be indicated.

Brew coffee in the Turk correctly

How to make coffee

Having decided on the grinding and grade of drink, you need to learn how to brew coffee in the Turkish. In this case, we must take into account the ratio of water and powder. So, we warm up a little bottom of the Turks, for this we put it on a small fire for a few seconds. Heat the Turk and pour the ground drink with the calculation of 150 grams of water into 2 teaspoons. Sugar should be added immediately for those who need it.It is necessary to pour water into the vessel so that the liquid is at the level of the narrow part of the neck. This is done so that when boiling, the foam corks the flavor all in the vessel. Putting the Turk on the fire, brew the coffee in the Turk correctly, the fire should be small. As soon as a small peculiar crust begins to appear on the water, and at the edges to foam and rise, it is possible to speak of boiling. This moment cannot be missed. It is necessary to remove the Turk in time from fire so that the resulting cap was not broken and did not “run away”. A cap or cork made of foam is a kind of blockage of flavor and taste in the Turk, if it is broken, the sophistication of the drink will evaporate. Wait until the cork settles. In no case do not touch it and repeat this manipulation a few more times. If you stop the coffee after the third boil up, the thick together with the mote will settle on the bottom and the cup will be cleaner. But the gourmets of the drink claim that foam-cork should equally get into all cups, since this is what gives the savory taste of coffee. But to interfere or not is the business of everyone. A tasty drink will require clean, soft drinking water, well-roasted coffee, a good Turk and a warmed cup (the cup is warmed up, before pouring hot water there for a couple of minutes).

How to make coffee in the Turk

Turkish coffee recipe

How to brew Turkish coffee? One serving will require: a teaspoon of ground beans and water. Fine grinding is placed in the Turk and is filled with water equal to the number of one cup. Brewed until the cap starts to go up. At this time, we remove the Turk from the fire, and gently remove the foam in the bowl. The vessel is put on fire again, and warming up is anew. It is necessary to clean the Turk at the moment when the liquid starts to boil - this is very important. If you improperly remove a Turk at a certain point, then the coffee may not be strong or overheated.

Arabic Coffee Recipe

How to brew coffee in Arabic? We put the Turk on the fire to warm up. We remove and pour into it a bit of sugar, one teaspoon is enough. We return it to a slow fire. As soon as the sugar begins to change its white color to a light brown tone, pour in some water and stir, you need to bring to a boil. As soon as the water and sugar are boiling, remove the jar from the heat and add coffee to your taste, but no more than 2 teaspoons. Then add a spoonful of cold water. Put the Turk on a slow fire, in no case do not interfere more.As soon as foam appears, remove it into a pre-warmed cup. The highlight of coffee in Arabic is to keep it on fire for as long as possible and not let it boil. But as soon as the cap of coffee goes up, the Turk must be quickly removed from the fire. If you like very strong coffee, then add another spoonful of cold water and return to the fire. This procedure can be repeated several times, each time the coffee will be stronger.

How to brew ground coffee

We told you how to brew coffee in the Turk according to all traditions, try this charming drink, experiment with spices, and you may discover a new taste for yourself.

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