How to bypass the filter?

In many institutions, such as schools or offices, they are increasingly installing Internet filters that block workers or schoolchildren from accessing sites such as Odnoklassniki or V Kontakte. All this is necessary so that the school and work process is not disturbed. You can perform a few simple steps, and you will forget about such issues as bypassing the Vkontakte filter, and indeed about Internet filters, and you can again visit your favorite sites.

Instructions for bypassing the Internet filter

Let's look at the instructions with which you will learn how to bypass the filter in a school or office.

  • You must use Opera Mini's mobile web browser, with which you can easily access any sites on the Internet, avoiding Internet filters. If you download Opera Mini, your mobile phone will be able to access various sites, regardless of whether filters are installed on them or not. You can also install Opera on your computer, so that the bookmarks on two devices synchronize better. Going to the site Opera Mini, you can read detailed instructions and find the most suitable version of Opera Mini just for your mobile phone.
  • In order for you to be able to visit websites using the SSL protocol (levels of secure sockets) or to gain access to protected websites, you need to enter in the address bar instead of “http” - “https”.
  • Use website translator. Translators such as AltaVista's Babelfish or Google's Translator will help you bypass the filters. Using translators is quite simple - you need to translate the website's web page into any language you know so that you can read it.
  • Create a “Saved Copy” in Google, so that you can use it to access any web pages that are banned and not only. To do this, go to the site in the Google browser, without using a direct link, but by clicking on the “Saved copy” link, in order to view a copy of the page. It may be that the copy will not be the most updated version of the page, but at least you can visit the site to avoid blocking the Internet filter.
  • You can also choose an anonymous network proxy server in order to bypass Internet filters. There are currently countless such sites. Simply enter the address of the desired page after loading.
  • You can also configure the Internet Explorer proxy server, for this you just need to copy the address of the open proxy server into Notepad, then open Internet Explorer, select the “Tools” tab, then “Internet Options”, then “Connections” and “Network Settings”. Here you need to put a tick in the proxy server section, and in the input field enter the address that we saved in a notebook. Next, you need to enter the port number of the copied proxy address in the "Port" section. Then complete the whole process by pressing the “OK” button.
  • Similar to the previous method, you can configure a proxy server in Mozilla Firefox. To do this, go to the toolbar and go through the sections “Service”, “Options”, “General”, “Connections” and, finally, “Proxy settings manually”. Here you need to enter the port and address of the network proxy server. Next, check the box next to the phrase “Use this proxy server for all protocols,” but only if you really want this particular proxy server to be used for absolutely all Internet protocols.

Here we have considered several options for how to bypass the filter.It remains the case for you - just choose the most suitable option for you.

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