How to choose an ionizer for an apartment?

The air ionizer helps in the fight against dust, and also restores the balance of positively and negatively charged particles in the air of an apartment, which is disrupted due to the work of many household appliances. From the correct choice of ionizer will depend on the effectiveness of its work. Therefore, before buying this device should examine some features of the choice.

The area of ​​the room and the number of residents

Choose ionizer should be based on the size of the apartment and the number of people living in it. The characteristics of the models indicate the area that they can serve. You should also take into account the number of people: for a family of 2-4 people, it is enough to choose an ionizer with a service area equal to the area of ​​the apartment, if the family is large or there are often guests in the house, then you should buy an ionizer used for large areas.

Noise level

On sale you can find two types of ionizers:

  • with built-in fan;
  • with “ion wind” technology.

Ionizers with a fan are noisier, because a running fan emits a certain level of noise. The advantage of such devices is the absence of ozone odor, therefore such devices are suitable for people sensitive to odors.

Devices operating on the principle of "ion wind" emit a large amount of ozone, so you can smell it, but they work silently.Rating of the most silent manufacturers of ionizerspublished the project We advise you to read before buying.

Types of filters

Air ionizers are equipped with various types of filters. They are aimed at purifying air from various particles and impurities: from dust, odors, smoke, etc. In modern models of ionizers use the following types of filters:

  • mesh and coal;
  • electrostatic and photo crystalline;
  • NERA.

Strainers are the cheapest but at the same time ineffective. They can only pick up large particles, for example, pieces of wool or grains of sand. Such filters do not need to be changed, just rinse them under running water.

Carbon filters eliminate unpleasant odors, but they cannot cope with air cleaning from dust.They need to be changed every few months.

Electrostatic filters effectively eliminate the smell of tobacco smoke and therefore are most often used in places of smoking. There is a large amount of ozone, which is a very significant drawback.

Photo-crystalline filters do a good job of cleaning the air from any contamination. Under the action of ultraviolet particles of the saw and other impurities disintegrate and are captured by the filter. Such filters are very expensive, but they need to be changed once every 2-5 years.

HEPA filters are also quite effective, but they require frequent replacement, which significantly increases the cost of their use.

Completion and additional options

Air ionizers can be assembled in plastic or wooden cases. The wooden case is considered more environmentally friendly and durable. Instruments in a wooden case are very expensive, because they use valuable tree species for their manufacture.

Additional options that improve the process of using an ionizer are:

  • availability of room humidity sensor (hydrostat). Such a sensor measures the humidity of the air, and as soon as it falls below the specified value, the humidification function is activated;
  • availability of the timer.It allows you to turn the device on and off at a specified time;
  • the presence of ultraviolet lamps. With the help of this lamp is carried out bacterial air purification;
  • remote control. Allows you to control the device from a distance;
  • status indicators. Show the status of the filters and warn of the required cleaning.

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