How to come up with a password?

All Internet users have accounts, for example, in social networks, on various sites, in online games. To enter your personal account, you must enter your login and password.

And if the first special requirements, except for uniqueness, are not presented, then creating a password will have to be approached with all the responsibility, because of its complexity and reliability will depend on the security of the account from the hackers.

What password can not be used?

  • Containing personal information about you - name and surname, address of residence, date of birth, bank account number, etc. Such passwords are easier to crack - the hacker system will try the first date of birth as a password first.
  • Contains simple sequences of numbers, letters.
  • Containing words and phrases from the "dictionary of popular passwords", which are often used by hacker programs to hack accounts.
  • Short passwords, the number of characters in which less than 10.

In addition, you need to take into account that some services introduce their own restrictions on the characters used in the password.And before you come up with a password, you will need to pay attention to the instructions provided by the system of the Internet resource on which you want to start an account, otherwise you will have to make adjustments later.

What should be the password?

  • Long - more than 10 characters. And the more the better.
  • Illogical. You will agree that it will be difficult for a person, and especially a program, to solve a cunning phrase or a whole phrase that does not have any meaning at all. Examples of such passwords are: “deft purple cockroach”, “loud soft spoon”, etc.
  • Consisting of scattered letters, i.e. not going to existing words, phrases.
  • For greater reliability, you need to use not only letters, but also the numbers allowed by the site’s service symbols.
  • Again, for maximum password security, use different registers in its spelling.

Also, do not forget to secure access to your account by attaching a phone number or an answer to a secret question to it. Moreover, it is better that the answer be such that it will be difficult to guess the hacker.

At the same time there are some very important rules:

  • Make up different passwords for different accounts.Or at least come up with a single password, changing a couple of characters for each account so that there is no exact similarity.
  • Create passwords that you will not forget. If you suffer from forgetfulness, then find a way to store passwords in a record. For example, you can create an invisible folder on your desktop, and in it - a document with passwords. You can use the Password Manager service from Kaspersky CRYSTAL or its counterparts from other manufacturers. You can simply write out a combination (of course, without signing what it is intended for) on a sheet and hide it in the depths of the office / home cabinets. Finally, you can write the password in the Word document, and then change the extension to “jpeg” and hide the file among other pictures. You will need to open it through the "Open With" menu using a text editor.
  • Keep in mind that writing simple Russian words and phrases in the English layout does not add security to the password. To this technique, hackers have long picked up the key.

Services for creating and checking passwords

If you are not sure of the power of your imagination, and therefore as a password, you can always use online password generators.Here are some of them:

The principle of operation of all these resources is identical. You put checkmarks in front of the required positions, giving the task to create a password in Cyrillic or Latin, with letters of different registers, with or without numbers, etc. After that, press the “Generate” button. A second before you will have a unique (as promised by the creators of programs) password.

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