How to connect Starline?

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How to connect Starline?

It is very important for every motorist to securely protect his vehicle from intruders. If you purchased for this purpose StarLine alarm, then connect it is not difficult, even at home. Devices such as the Star Line Twage A8 provide comprehensive vehicle protection and allow you to maximize vehicle security from theft. Such an alarm system is equipped with a full package of interfaces for connecting to all major systems of the machine.

How to connect StarLine A8 to a car?

First you need to install car alarm (connect all sensors and wiring), then you can proceed to the installation of the main unit of the security device. It is worth considering that all work should be carried out only when the battery is disconnected.

The process of connecting StarLine:

  1. First you need to install the transceiver module closer to the windshield of the car (near the door pillar or on the torpedo);
  2. After that, the transceiver is connected to the main unit using a five-pin connector,which is located under a small hinged lid (cable for connection is supplied);
  3. Install a shock sensor on the metal part of the car body inside the cabin and connect it using a four-pin connector to the main unit;
  4. Fasten the light indicator of the activity of the alarm in a prominent place (so that it is noticeable when it is turned on) and connect it to the main unit using a two-pin connector;
  5. Secure the Valet service button in an inconspicuous place (with its help you can turn off the alarm) and connect it with the appropriate connector.
  6. Next, you need to connect the wires of the 18-pin connector to the main systems of the car, such as parking lights, central locking, automatic windows, etc. (this can be done using the electrical diagrams of your car and instructions from the alarm kit).

After connecting all the wires and sensors, you can apply power to the electrical system of the machine.

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