How to cook tkemali?

Those who once met with Georgian cuisine will never forget its rich spicy aroma and great taste. It is known that Georgians are big meat lovers. But they know a lot about various sauces that help make the meat even tastier. The most famous sauce is tkemali, which is very much loved in Georgia. And there is nothing difficult in making Georgian tkemali in your kitchen.

Cooking tkemali at home

This is a fairly simple dish, based on several key ingredients. The classic tkemali is prepared either from cherry plum or from red plums of the Tkemali variety, with the addition of spices, greens and garlic. But you can take any plums and even thorns.

In order to prepare tkemali sauce, it is necessary, first of all, to wait until the plums begin to ripen. You can, of course, cook and off-season, but it is expensive and not practical. To begin with, we will consider the simplest and most affordable way to make tkemali from plums, since this fruit is sold in every city, and there will definitely be no problems with the main ingredient.

Ingredients per kilogram of fruit:

  • One bunch of greens: dill (you can even with inflorescences), cilantro, basil, parsley.
  • Spices: any spices are combined with tkemali, but coriander, pepper, saffron are traditionally taken.
  • Mint. According to the classic recipe, tkemali is prepared with marsh mint - ombalo. It is clear that in our conditions it is somewhat problematic to get it, so you can take any. Just focus on your taste, mint gives a very strong aroma.
  • Garlic - 1-2 heads. Here, too, see for yourself, you like a sharper taste or a little softer.
  • Salt and sugar.

Cooking process

When you have prepared all the ingredients, you can proceed to the preparation of tkemali.

  1. To do this, put the clean plums in the pan, add a little water and put on the fire.
  2. Water should be quite a bit so that the fruit does not stick to the container.
  3. If you do not like particles of greens in the sauce, then at this stage you can put bunches of greens. The required flavor and aroma will be taken by the sauce, and the finished mixture will be without grass.
  4. As soon as you see that the drain has started to burst, you can remove the pan from the fire. It is necessary to cool them, drain the water and grind in a puree. Naturally pitted and peeled.
  5. Put the mashed potatoes back on the stove and simmer for about five minutes. Next, add chopped garlic, spices, herbs, if it remains, salt and sugar. The sauce should be sweet and sour, so that sugar and salt should be put on the basis of their taste preferences.
  6. All this boil for another five to seven minutes, and you can turn off the mixture and roll it into jars.

If you decide to cook tkemali for the winter, then you can pour a little sunflower oil in jars on the surface of the sauce. This protects the mixture from the penetration of bacteria, and the taste does not change at all.

Tkemali with cherry plum

It was from the cherry plum in ancient times that people who lived on the territory of present-day Georgia prepared tkemali. These fruits differ in taste from ordinary plums. And in the event that you still managed to find cherry plum, then you can make real Georgian flavored tkemali from cherry plum.

List of ingredients:

  1. 1 kg of cherry plum;
  2. Greenery;
  3. Spice;
  4. Garlic;
  5. Salt and sugar.

Preparing a plum sauce in the same way as described above.

You can replace the plum and cherry plum on the turn, just have to add a little more sugar. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in cooking tkemali.Enough to spend quite a bit of time, and on your table will be a real Georgian sauce, which will give your dishes from meat a stunning taste.

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