How to draw a doll?

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How to draw a doll?

In this article, we will not only tell you, but also show you how to draw a doll. Look at this pretty girl painted by a professional artist! You can also have such a beauty in your album if you show diligence and take advantage of our advice. Stock up on a pencil, eraser and a clean sheet of paper. Feel free to start drawing, you will definitely succeed!

  1. The first step is to draw a circle that will serve as the basis for the doll's head in the future. Immediately with two parallel horizontal lines we outline the upper and lower borders of the eyes and proceed to the body of the doll. Denote the line of shoulders, arms, draw an axial guide body and legs.
  2. Before drawing the eyes of the doll, we outline their location, then draw the line of the upper lip and form the outline of the chin. Next, we make a preliminary outline of the dress, outline the feet and knees of our doll.
  3. We draw doll hands, draw the lines of fingers. We work out the outline of the dress and the contours of the legs.
  4. Now that we already have all the basic circuits, we are starting to work with the details. First of all we draw a tall puppet hood and a big bow that holds it. Then go to the dress. We draw a line of the coquette and small folds from under it, and do not forget about the small collar around the neck. When the dress has a finished look, we’ll draw little socks with frills on the legs of the doll.
  5. Now is the time to tell how to draw a doll's face. First we finalize the eyes - draw the contours of the eyelids, draw the pupils and add light highlights to them. Next, draw the eyebrows, nose and refine the drawing of the lips. Finish the draw hood - make out the back of the cap, draw the folds and bends of the hat bow. We create our doll hairstyle - we draw curly curls, we write curled tips of curls on the doll forehead. We add pomp to the flashlight sleeves, depicting small folds on them. The final touch is left - we draw shoes with small buckles on our beautiful legs.
  6. On this, our lesson on how to draw a doll in stages, comes to an end. You just need to gently erase all the auxiliary lines,draw all the details and, if desired, paint the drawing with colored pencils or watercolors in the same way as our artist did, or choose colors as you like.

Practice! Each time you will get more beautiful and more beautiful.

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