How to draw Kika?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 18, 2013
How to draw Kika?

Favorite by many Kick Butowski may be on the page of your album. To do this, simply use our instructions on how to draw Kik. This task is not difficult and interesting.

  • Draw a circle. He will be the head of the character, so choose a size that matches the size of the head of Kik himself. If you remember, his head is not exactly proportional to the body. It is a bit bigger than it should be.
  • Now draw a triangle under the circle, but round the bottom of it. This will be Kick's body. Draw two thick zigzags at the bottom of the triangle. This will be the character's legs.
  • Before you draw Kika Butovski, or rather his face, divide the circle into four parts. Draw a little man a helmet on his head. He must cover half of the upper squares of the face.
  • In the remaining space, draw the eyes, and in the lower right square a small arc. It will be a smile.
  • Draw hands to Kiku. They need to add gloves.
  • It is also worth portraying clothes.First, the cloak collar, then draw a jacket around the perimeter of the triangle-body, slightly protruding beyond the edges. On your feet, put two strips, depicting shoes.
  • Now you need to paint the helmet. Draw stars on the edges and two vertical stripes in the middle.
  • For coloring Kika, take the red, yellow, blue, black and white pencils.

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