How to dress thin?

In the modern world, man, often, not onlymeet on clothes, but also escort. Fashion is fashionable, but even a trendy suit that does not fit the type of figure can spoil your impression of you, be it a first date, a job or just a trip to the club. So, let's talk about how to dress properly for thin guys and girls. Following simple instructions, you can choose the right wardrobe, determine the style, style, color, length, etc.

How to dress thin women

In order to look more attractive and not complex about your lean figure, you only need to visually replenish. The following simple rules will help you with this.

  1. Bright, bright, warm colors are full. Therefore, choose: yellow, orange, tender pink, light blue, cognac, olive, etc. All these are your colors.
  2. Pay attention to the products of shiny fabric and knitted things. They will also make the contours of your figure more smooth and feminine.
  3. Bright prints and ornaments, geometric, multi-colored patterns, all this also suits you. However, avoid a vertical strip, it will make you even thinner.
  4. Ruches, three-dimensional lace, pockets. These details will not only create a more feminine image, but also the visual will add to you one or two sizes.
  5. Avoid wide formless things, whether it beshirts hoodies, or rapper jeans, it does not matter. These clothes do not suit you! Thinness will become even more noticeable. Instead, choose multi-layer clothing. For example, a white shirt, and on top of a juicy jumper with a triangular or round deep neckline. And if the clothes are also made of textured fabric, this will give you extra volume. In addition, this option is ideal for the cold season.
  6. In choosing a skirt, give preference toskirt-pencil, mini-skirt, expanding to the bottom of the flying skirt. Do not wear tight leggings, especially black. But straight black trousers will emphasize the harmony of your legs.
  7. Well, accessories. Remember! Elegant girls are thin jewelry, small handbags, shoes on a thin heel. No shoes with a massive sole and huge travel bags over the shoulder. In this form, you will look ridiculous and funny.

How to dress thin guys

Young people, for you, as well as for girls, the fastest and most effective way to hide excessive leanness is to disguise it with clothes. We offer you the following solutions:

  1. Picking the color of clothes, choose your choicemore light colors. They visually expand the figure. The color of ivory, light brown, olive, light gray, gentle blue tones should fill your wardrobe.
  2. All kinds of drawings and prints, colorfulaccessories - will allow you to look your best. A vertical bar will not be categorically for you. But the horizontal bar, on the contrary, will make your silhouette more athletic.
  3. When choosing a shirt, pay attention to the shirtwith an adjacent silhouette. Too loose shirt, however, as well as too tight-fitting, emphasize the shortcomings of your figure. Try to tuck your shirt in your trousers, this will create a larger volume in the waist area.
  4. As for trousers, give preference to trousers and jeans of classic cut, you can choose slightly flared jeans. But from tight jeans and pants stretch is better to give up.
  5. If you need to pick up a business jacket, it's better to let him be without shoulders and ideally sit on a figure. To this jacket is ideal trousers with an overestimated waist.
  6. And finally, shoes. Square or pointed noses - that's what you need. Rounded spouts will not look with leanness, especially if you are a high-growth person.

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