How to freeze cherries?

Evgenia Zimnyakova
Evgenia Zimnyakova
January 30, 2013
How to freeze cherries?

Summer is a great season for vegetables, berries and fruits. They are necessary for us due to the fact that they have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. We always try to keep them for the winter as much as possible. Vegetables we salt, stew, pickle. Make fruit compotes, jams and preserves. But from the berries you can make compote, jam, jam, confiture, as well as just freeze it. Of course, the most useful properties will be in frozen berries, as they retain their pristine freshness for a long time.

How to freeze cherries

One of these berries, which people have long learned to freeze, is cherry. In our article we will talk about how to freeze cherries at home.

First, you need to decide for what purpose you freeze it. To prepare fruit drinks, fruit drinks can freeze large volumes of cherries simply in a plastic bag. If you do not like cherries in a compote or morse, or freeze it in order to prepare fruit for children, then first it is better to clear it of bone contents and then you can also freeze it in a package.

If you want to freeze cherries to decorate any dishes, or just want it to look aesthetically beautiful when serving, then you need to try. Let us examine in more detail how to freeze the berry-to-berry cherry. First you need to select the most beautiful, ripe cherries. It is necessary to carefully examine the berry for the presence of dents and rottenness, then sprinkle the cherries on the tray, previously covered with a plastic bag, so that later it is more convenient to collect it. The tray must be placed in the freezer for several days, so that the cherry is well frozen and does not stick together in the future. Then you can pour cherries into packages, while it is convenient to immediately sign what kind of cherry you have.

Frozen Cherry Recipes

We will not describe in detail many recipes for delicious dishes with frozen cherries. If you have frozen cherries, you can always come up with a recipe for a delicious dish from it yourself, simply by replacing it with stuffing in your favorite dishes. The most popular are cakes and dumplings with cherries. It can also be used simply to decorate all sorts of desserts, cakes, pastries or ice cream.

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