How to get child benefits?

Children are our happiness and the whole meaning of life, but a lot of pleasant troubles arise with their appearance. If you are expecting a baby, you should know what benefits rely on the birth of a small member of society. In the article we will understand how to get child benefits and who are entitled to apply for them.

Lump sum payout

Basically, child benefits are awarded to the family immediately after the birth of the child. In 2014, this allowance amounted to 13,741 rubles. But it is worth noting that this is a one-time payment, i.e. it is done once. It is necessary to issue it within 6 months from the moment of birth of the baby.

Allowance for the birth of a child is entitled to receive one of the legal representatives (father, mother, guardian) at the place of work. If the representatives are temporarily not working or are considered officially unemployed, then they should apply to the Social Security Administration.

Maternal capital

From the beginning of 2007, the law of the Russian Federation establishes that citizens of the Russian Federation, women who have given birth to or adopted a second or third child and have not received any additional assistance for the child before, receive the full right to maternal capital.Also, a man who adopted a second or third child and is the only guardian is entitled to receive such allowance.

Maternity capital is issued once as a certificate. In 2014, its amount was 429,408 rubles. But the state provides conditions. Maternity capital can only be spent on:

  • improvement of living conditions
  • education for any of the children
  • funded part of the mother's pension.

To get the parent capital, you need to bring a package of documents to the department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of residence.

Monthly benefits for child care up to 1.5 years

This allowance should be paid to every family. Working parents receive a benefit in the amount of 40% of the average earnings for the last 2 years, and non-working - in the form of the minimum earnings. The allowance is paid at the place of work or at the place of residence in the department of social protection of the population. Payments will be made from the day the child care leave begins and for 1.5 years. The maximum monthly payment is 14,625 rubles.

Benefit up to 3 years

If the parents of the baby are working, but their monthly income is below the subsistence minimum, then such families can count on additional payments to children under the age of 3 years.You can apply for a monthly child allowance at the local Pension Fund, collecting the necessary documents.


Regardless of what payments you rely, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • child's birth certificate and certificate from the registry office, which is issued along with the certificate;
  • photocopy and original passport of the legal representative of the child;
  • You also need the other parent's certificate from the place of work, which states that he was not paid a lump-sum child allowance (in case both parents work);
  • insurance certificate;
  • a document on adoption (if the child is adopted or under guardianship);
  • bank account details;
  • application form.

Receiving benefits

If you are thinking about how to receive child benefits, then there are several ways: either in cash at a bank with which you enter into an agreement, or by transferring to a Sberbank card.

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