How to get to the club?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 25, 2013
How to get to the club?

Nightclub parties are a success with young people. But in order for you to have a great evening, first of all you need to know how to get to the club.

Who will meet you here

And from the very beginning, at the entrance, you will be met by people who filter calling at the club. Their task is to conduct an inspection of persons who wish to go to the disco. They should weed out those who show with their appearance that the holiday atmosphere can be spoiled. Restaurants are trying not to lose their status. Therefore, the entrance to nightclubs is strictly controlled by its administration.

Going to a party, first of all do not take a large bag with you. A girl should have a small handbag or clutch bag with her. A big bag will not be practical for you, a bad form is to put the bags in the center and dance around them. A girl, passing at the entrance to the face control, will answer unnecessary questions. Men only have a wallet for a party.

People who stand at the entrance already have a good sense of smell and in a few seconds can determineyou pass by standards or not. Do not risk outfits that are very extravagant. Be smart and stylish.

Dress code for girls

Girls have the opportunity to choose a skirt, jeans or trousers for a party. Beautiful dress will also be the way. Clothes should be on you with taste, then you will be allowed into the hall. Ripped jeans, saggy knees in trousers, especially dirty shoes you should not have. Gloss and sexy - should dominate your style of dress. Do not come to the club in office clothes. Glasses, belts and large earrings are welcome at the party. From shoes in the first place stud. Leave your sport shoes for sports. And of course, as a result - a stylish hairstyle, not disheveled, neat. Bright and catchy makeup is suitable for the evening, but it should not be deterrent.

What should be a man

The man in the club must also meet the dress code. Expensive suits, jeans, of course, ironed will be your passport. But the level of the club also plays a role. And there are those that welcome big belts and lowered jeans.

Most in the club are welcome couples: a girl and a guy. If the lady is charming, then she can "help" pass almost any guy. “Any” does not mean that he can be untidy and not stylish.Companies in which only a few guys have to sweat, do not like to let such. If you break into several people, then it will be easier to go.

At the entrance, be confident and polite. A smile on his face, without aggression - and you are in the hall. Leaving home, say goodbye, show your culture.

Do not be scandalous and do not be humiliated if you are not allowed. Remember that you are a person and respect yourself, because there is an opportunity to put yourself in order.

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