How to grow tea and kefir mushroom from scratch. Useful properties of mushrooms

Let's figure out how to grow Kombucha from scratch at home. I hope the publication will be useful and you can germinate tea or kefir mushroom.

Kombucha is also called the tea jellyfish or Japanese mushroom. From the point of view of biology, it represents a community of microorganisms, including yeast fungus and acetic acid bacteria.

Plan of growing kombucha at home from scratch

Medusomitset - so called fungus scientists. Outwardly, it resembles a sea jellyfish.

  • Growing kombucha is simple. Pour half a liter of strong sweet tea into a three-liter jar, cover the neck with a piece of gauze, secure with a rubber band and leave in a warm place for 60 days. The main thing is that the rays of the sun should not fall on the dishes with tea.
  • During this time, the mushroom does not have time to get stronger. Therefore, carefully transfer it to a deep bowl with chilled boiled water and gently wash it.Next, in a three-liter jar, pour cool tea with added sugar. On a liter of water, take a spoonful of tea leaves. Here move the kombucha, re-cover the neck with a piece of gauze and send the container to a warm place. In summer, the drink is prepared for three days, and in the winter - about a week.

If cooked properly, the mushroom will float to the surface. If he fell into the liquid, then made a mistake. Dont be upset. Rinse the mushroom and put it in a new brew.

  • The drink made on the basis of Kombucha is wholesome and tasty. Its reserves are quickly depleted. Fortunately, this can be prevented by replenishing the supply of liquid that is required for normal growth and development of tea jellyfish. In a container with a mushroom, it is allowed to add used brew by carefully filtering.
  • To make the fungus feel fine, rinse it every two decades in boiled water. Replace the remaining infusion in the bank with a freshly prepared tea solution and dip the mushroom in it. Constantly make sure that the infusion does not become cloudy, otherwise the fungus will begin to exfoliate and spoil, and the infusion will lose its medicinal qualities and taste properties.
  • No less important are the conditions of the fungus. I recommend keeping the container with the mushroom in a dark place at a temperature of 20-25 degrees. Remember, at low temperatures or in the sun, the fungus dies. Already at seventeen degrees of heat development and growth stops, and the surface is covered with dark algae.
  • I advise you to use two glass containers during the care. In one keep a mushroom, and in the second - a drink. Drain infusion every 72 hours in summer, and in winter - in five days. I think the best place to store a drink is a refrigerator.
  • Make sure that the thickness of the fungus does not exceed 4 cm. Feel free to remove the top layer and put it in other containers. The bottom dark layers are considered the most useful and productive.
  • To enrich the drink, use medicinal herbs, including: plantain, blackberry, nettle, birch, wild rose and strawberry. Green tea is also suitable for preparing tea leaves.
  • The greatest amount of nutrients in the drink, whose age does not exceed 1 month. Then it becomes vinegar, unfit for drinking, but in this form is suitable for use in medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
  • After a week of aging, the infusion begins to ferment slightly and acquires an alcoholic effect.Pour half of the liquid, put it in the refrigerator and consume it, and add a little strained tea solution to the container. In the future, repeat the procedure.
Video Tips

Following the generally accepted rules and listening to the advice, you will make a delicious and healthy drink that will help to cope with thirst and eliminate illnesses.

Useful properties of Kombucha

Unique properties helped Kombucha to gain unheard of popularity. Its healing power is used to combat many diseases, support the body, in the framework of skin care and hair care.

  1. Assistant in the fight against excess weight. A drug based on it stimulates metabolism, eliminates excess fluids and salts, and helps speed up metabolism in tissues and cells.
  2. It acts as an excellent natural antioxidant and is characterized by exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. The fungus is used in the treatment of bacterial and infectious lesions of the body - intestinal infections, conjunctivitis, influenza.
  3. Due to its beneficial qualities, the mushroom is used in cosmetology. It helps to effectively combat acne, furunculosis, fungal infections of the skin and nails.
  4. Kombucha and anesthetics can boast.Its infusion is used to moisturize the skin for burns or for rinsing for toothache.
  5. Applied for the prevention of rheumatism, arthritis and atherosclerosis. Medical nectar helps cleanse the kidneys of small stones and sand and has a diuretic effect.
  6. Tea jellyfish dull headaches and helps to normalize the work of the digestive system. A positive effect on the nervous system.

I advise you to take a drink in periods of life, accompanied by intense mental activity. The composition includes caffeine, which has the same invigorating and tonic effect on the body, like coffee.


Exploring the Internet in search of any hazards relating to Kombucha, I could not find them. I have compiled a list of restrictions and rules that are recommended to adhere to when drinking a drink.

  • It is not advised to use persons who have diabetes or obesity. The elixir includes honey or sugar in large quantities.
  • Contraindicated in people with fungal diseases due to sugar, with the exception of the fungus that fermented. As such, it enhances the body’s defenses and resistsfungal infection.
  • Persons with high acidity are allowed to use the infusion based on black tea with the addition of honey. The product of beekeeping neutralizes the acid component of the drink.
  • Not recommended for use concentrated solution. The liquid obtained from Kombucha, with proper preparation has a wonderful taste and easily cope with thirst. If you overdo the fungus, you get a solution resembling apple cider vinegar.
  • During the preparation of the drink, do not use substitutes instead of sugar. To hold the tea fungus will not work. Some recipes involve the use of honey, but the taste of the finished drink is different from the original.

How to grow kefir mushroom

All living interesting and amazing. If some forms of life are clear and familiar, others are an absolute mystery. The list of such mysterious organisms includes kefir fungus.

In this part of the article I will consider the technique of growing kefir mushroom at home and tell you about the rules of care and useful properties. The origin of the dairy fungus, as it is often called, is not clear, since there are no natural conditions for normal life and reproduction in nature.

Scientists have conducted a lot of research, but did not find water in nature, which in its composition at least corresponded to the composition of the habitat of kefir fungus. The conclusion is that it was created artificially.

According to legend, a kefir mushroom appeared in a Tibetan monastery, whose inhabitants fed on bread and milk. In some cases, the milk was fermented, but in different containers with different results. In dishes, which was washed with water from a standing source, yogurt with mild taste was obtained, which beneficially influenced the intestines. In tightly washed containers white dense lumps appeared.

None of the scientists have not conducted thorough studies of kefir organism. Only enthusiasts paid attention to the question. There is an opinion that kefir mushroom is endowed with unique properties that are indispensable in the treatment of the endocrine, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. First of all get kefir mushroom. In perfect condition, it is characterized by white color and lack of mucus. It looks like a cauliflower.
  2. To prepare a drink, create an environment in which kefirous fungus can grow and multiply normally. Feed him milk every day.
  3. Filter the infusion ready, as the lumps separate from the body during growth. Give them to friends who want to grow milk fungus and do their hobby.
  4. Filtered kefir is suitable for consumption, and I advise you to wash the mushroom. Without water treatment, it will turn yellow, become covered with mucus and disappear.
  5. For one glass of milk, take a mushroom that is slightly larger than a quail egg. After 20 hours, get ready drink.

Video instruction

Kefir, cooked on the basis of the fungus, drink courses with long breaks. Therefore, the biggest problem is the issue of conservation of the fungus. All my attempts failed.

Useful properties of kefir mushroom

There are many drinking mushrooms, including kefir. The drinks made on its basis are palatable, healthy and slow the aging of cells. It is not surprising that it is called the elixir of youth.

  • Restoration of intestinal microflora. Food consumed by people is chemically treated and contains many non-natural additives. In the intestine toxins accumulate, which, along with the blood, spread like lightning through the body, and this is fraught with diseases and premature aging.Keeps the kefir on the basis of the Tibetan mushroom helps to normalize the intestinal microflora and eliminate toxic products.
  • Natural antibiotic. Copes with the negative effects of synthetic drugs used in the treatment of bronchitis and cough, cleanse the body of toxic substances and toxins.
  • The source of nutrients, elements and vitamins. Helps strengthen the immune system and restore the intestinal microflora.
  • A wide range of useful properties. Cleans blood vessels, normalizes pressure, relieves inflammation, increases bile flow, breaks down fats, improves memory and provides accelerated healing of wounds.
  • Helps in the treatment of gastric ulcers, heart disease and hypertension. Scientists have proven that kefir stops the growth of cancer cells, increases stamina and performance.
  • Effective in the treatment of allergies. One year after starting to drink kefir-based beverages, pollen allergy is easier.

Being an excellent medicine, in addition to the beneficial properties of kefir microorganism, there are also contraindications. Helping the body with diabetes, the fungus is incompatible with insulin.It is not advised to use asthmatics, children under two years old and people who do not tolerate dairy products.

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