How to help animals?

Almost every day we see dirty, frozen and hungry animals that warm themselves on the hatches or pipes of the heating main, and also look out of the windows of the basement. Such a spectacle simply breaks the heart, and they all want to help. Most often, such “gifts” are brought home by children. Today we will explain to you how to help homeless animals.

Homeless animal in the house

  • To begin with, taking the animal into the house, you need to think about your own health too. Carefully examine the animal, as a rule, signs of any disease are bald spots on the coat, especially if there is damaged skin under them, or discharge from the eyes or ears. Also signs may be a swollen abdomen, pale mouth mucosa or lethargy.
  • Most often, the animal lives such a parasite as a flea. Their presence is quite simple to determine if you look closely at the coat of the animal. If you do find a flea, you can help Stronghold, a few drops, which you need to spray on the withers of the animal.
  • Then you need to make sure that the animal is not affected by worms and other intestinal parasites.The main signs of helminthic invasion are bloating of the abdomen, cough, if the disease in the later stages is pale mucous membranes. Even if you could not find these signs, it is still better to be safe and give the animal to take an anthelmintic drug. Kanikvantel-plus, or Drontal is better suited.
  • If you see a lethargy, snot, loose stools or sneezing in an animal, you should immediately enter Vitafel subcutaneously and take the animal as soon as possible to the veterinarian. The absence or presence of, say, fungal diseases without a visit to Aibolit will also fail to be determined. Approximately half an hour after the application of Stronghold, the animal must be washed, if you have not found fungal diseases. If their presence is still suspected, it is better to use Nizoral.
  • After a certain time, when the animal calms down, try to measure its temperature, in the normal state it is 38-39 degrees. If the temperature is raised to 40, it may indicate the presence of infection. If, on the contrary, the temperature is lowered, this may indicate a prolonged hunger or the same infection.

How can you help animals

  • Now that your homeless, newly minted pet is safe, it is worth considering what to do with it further. If you can keep it at home, the problem has already been solved, and if you have no such desire, first of all, see the announcements about the loss of animals. If again nothing happened and you did not find the right ad, do not worry. In no case do not call for ads that offer to attach animals for a fee. As a rule, these ads give scammers who want to cash in on someone else's grief. And you are reading the material: how to help animals, and not to harm. Scammers simply take away your money, and the animal, at best, will be thrown away in the nearest planting or forest, and at worst, they will simply take away his life.
  • Also, do not let the animal go again, because, firstly, after a certain time it will be in the same state, and secondly, it will, by its nature, reproduce, producing all the same sweet and poor frozen snouts.

If you really tell yourself - I want to help animals, then act like this:

  • The simplest and practical solution is to deliver the animal to a specialized shelter,but institutions of this kind are often too crowded or quarantined. Now you have to act independently. First of all, take a couple of the cutest photos of the “pick-up”, because ads with photos often attract attention. The more pitifully the snapshot, the more likely it is that there will be a master soon. The ad must be submitted to the newspaper, as well as pasted on your area, well, or on the Internet.

Remember, no matter how troublesome it is, but you are the last chance to give a new life to a defenseless animal, and thereby make the world a little better.

How to help animals in winter

In winter, after all, all the animals you can not warm. Therefore, the best way is just to feed them. After all, so a stray animal will be better able to cope with the cold and diseases. It is better to feed warm porridge with fat, or sprat with pasta, because it is not expensive at all, is it? Feed animals spoiled food can not.

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