How to put curly hair?

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How to put curly hair?

Beautiful hair - a gift of nature. They are always given at birth, and curly or straight - depends on genetics. Usually, those who have them naughty and curly - they want to create a hairstyle on their heads from straight, shiny hair. However, it is not so simple. Straightening such springs is not easy, and almost always this procedure leads to the fact that the hair becomes stiff, split and unhealthy.

But you can put beautifully what is given by nature, and look as if you have just visited a prestigious beauty salon. How to put curly hair to your hair was attractive and exquisite?

How to lay beautiful curly hair

If you wear a long head of hair, below the shoulders, it is much easier for you to come up with, but at the same time, it is more difficult to create a hairstyle.

Malvinka. So called hairstyle, when the hair is collected in the tail behind, but only their upper layer. Thus, the tail comes out, which lies on the bulk of the hair. This hairstyle is always advantageous for curls, as it makes hair volume smaller, and at the same time, does not hide its beauty.In addition, stacking curls in such a spectacular way, you can create more volume at the crown or temples (with the help of a trivial pile).

Another very effective haircut is a “shell”, when the hair at the back is lifted and twisted in the form of a shell. Strengthens this hairstyle studs. From above you can leave curls that will beautifully frame your face.

How to lay curly short hair

If you wear a short haircut and do not tolerate long curls, you'd better choose it so that the curls do not have to be laid. Let the master tell you the option of a haircut, which will open the face, and allow curls to lie naturally. Short curly hair is easiest to communicate volume. To do this, you need to dry your hair, head down, directing a stream of air to the back of your head. Use auxiliary miracle products (gels and mousses) that know how to put curly hair. Photos of hairstyles that are modeled using such tools can be found on the web.

Sometimes there is no time for the simplest styling. Then it is enough to moisten hair with styling mousse and dry with a diffuser. If it is even less time, wet the hair slightly, then with your hands upward squeeze the curls, crushing them. Curly hair will curl even more and will look neat and shiny.However, you should not comb them after that.

There is another sure way to put curly hair. Videos of old films and photos of beauties from the time of Marilyn Monroe will give you an idea of ​​this method. You just need to screw the curls on large curlers and, removing them, do not comb. It is important to smooth the hair with a comb and spray it with varnish.

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